Yay for mission tips!

So. I have a lot of advice that I’ve gathered from like a bazillion different places, and I figured maybe I would just put all of my favorite tips in one spot! One of the blogs I will probably quote a lot is by Isabelle Diedderich called Bella in Berlin. She is super hilarious and has great advice! I would suggest just reading her whole blog. It’s awesome. K.

1. Have a sticky note cheat sheet in the front of your scriptures with all of the Gospel Doctrines and your favorite scriptures about those doctrines. It comes in super handy if you need to throw together an on the spot lesson in the street!

2. Also have a small drawing of the plan of salvation handy! Its so much easier to understand when you have a visual!

3. Bring a lanyard to the MTC! You have a card that you use to get in and out of buildings, and it’s easier if you don’t have to dig around in your bag for a year and a half everytime you come to a door!

4. A small photobook full of pictures of your friends, family, life, etc. One of the blogs I was reading said that people ask to see them all the time!

5. Rolling luggage! You are alone during transfers and this makes it easier on yourself. Also, tie a colored ribbon around the handle of your suitcase so you can tell which ones are yours!

6. A recipe book! Fill this with mom’s cooking, because, let’s face it, everyone gets homesick. I haven’t lived with my mom for 3 years now and I always feel better when I make no-bake cookies! Sister D of Bella in Berlin said she adds recipes she learns while she is on her mission in Germany to her book.

7. I’ve heard from multiple sources that a great thing to bring is your own sheets and a blanket from home. I’ve gotta say, this sounds like a pretty intelligent tip. Sleeping on sheets that have been slept on for like 20 years by other missionaries… ew.

8. A small mirror. You don’t want to knock on doors rockin’ the hobo look. Trust me. I wouldn’t let myself in looking the way I do when I haven’t looked in the mirror for a while.

9. A GIFREAKINGNORMOUS bottle of ibuprofen. No explanation needed.

10. Start your Mormon.org profile. You have to make one anyway, might as well give yourself the time to really contemplate.

11. Buy socks to wear in your flats. Like those fancy nylon footie socks. I am told that Walmart is the cheapest place to find those. Don’t quote me or, like, send me hate mail if Payless or something is like 10 cents cheaper.

12. Keep. A. Journal. Can I just say that I wish I would have started a journal SO MUCH SOONER. There are maybe a hundred billion memories I have that are so vague now, and I wish I had written them down.

13. Try to start adjusting your sleep schedule now. Even if you don’t get up at 6:30 every morning, try reallysuperhard to go to bed at 10:30. If you’re like me, you stay up till one or two in the morning and sleep until the crack of noon. NEWSFLASH: This is not going to happen ever on your mission, so try and get used to it now.

14. I keep a stack of index cards and a pad of sticky notes in my scriptures. On the index cards, I write my favorite quotes with the subject on the top. If you are teaching, I imagine it would be nice to have the quote I need written down instead of going “Um, there a quote I heard once, um, I think maybe it said something like… uh…”. Also, if you have it written down, you can have the investigator read it! I always retain something SO MUCH BETTER if I’m the one reading and processing it.

15. I also keep a thought journal in my purse/scriptures. Funnily (<<< sarcasm), all of my most amazing thoughts about the gospel occur when I am unprepared to write it down, so I just started carrying around a teeny little cutesy notebook just in case.

Now for my fav fun/funny tips:

16. When in a crowded group of missionaries at the MTC yell out “ELDERRRRR” and just watch… and enjoy. (Bella in Berlin)

17. Stay away from the MTC orange juice. It gives everyone crazy nightmares and makes ya ill. (Bella in Berlin)

18. If you have a difficult companion, carry around tic tacs and offer her one every time she gets a little stressed, irritated, mean and eventually she will catch on. And everyone like good breath! (Bella in Berlin)

19. An alarm clock that doesn’t make you want to kill yourself. OR your companion. (Useful AND funny)

20. Hold on to every letter. ESP the creepy ones. 🙂

21. Sing hymns in the showers. All the sisters join in! (Hermana Silva)

Hopefully some of you found this helpful! I know I’m already freaking o.u.t and I don’t even have my freaking call yet!

x Lyss x

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