My life, ladies and gentlemen…

I have a cold, AND there was, in fact, a problem with my mission papers. Not a great way to start the day guys.

I was sleeping.

Stake president calls.

We have questions relating to your mission papers.

There may be a month or two delay.

Either receiving your call or your report date may be pushed back a couple of months.


I have to admit, I’m kind of not surprised after all the stuff that went wrong before I even turned them in, but I am soooooo discouraged right now. It feels like this is never going to happen ever.

But. I gave faith in His timing. I have faith that I will EVENTUALLY make it to the mission field, and that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. HOPEFULLY everything will be resolved sooner rather than later!!!

And hopefully, the delay doesn’t even end up happening. He did say “may”, after all!

x Lyss x

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