Mission, mission, mission…

I’m so so sorry I haven’t written in a while! My call came… call me Sister Roberts, I’m going to the Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh mission!!!

And I’m leaving on April 24th… So basically, there was no delay at ALL. In fact, there is a bit of a rush now…


When I opened my mission call, I had 40 days until I go to the MTC. Now it’s 29. 29 days. Less than a month.


I have been super busy with all of the shopping for my mission… I’m sure anyone who has ever gone somewhere for 1 1/2 – 2 years knows how FREAKING HARD it is to find stuff to last that long.

I’m having fun trying to figure out how all this stuff is supposed to fit into 2 large bags and a carry on as well. Adventure!

I’ve been finding GREAT stuff at lots of different places, so I’ll list them for ya.

Burlington Coat Factory: I got a raincoat and a winter coat for under $100. Winning.

Downeast Basics: I LOVE how they have a ton of modest clothes. they also have good layering tees for garments. They aren’t tooooo expensive, but are a little pricier. I, personally, feel like it’s worth it to have modest clothes that are actually cute.

GenX: Got a 3 piece luggage set for about $110. Quality to be determined.

Cato (Cato’s?): FABULOUS selection of modest skirts. I got like 7 from here. Woooooooot.

Ross: Who doesn’t love Ross?? Got some shoes, shirts, sheets, pillowcases, and white bras. The bras were only like $5!!!

Anyhooooooooo. I had my farewell super early (one month before I report EXACTLY), so that was cool. I’m glad it’s over though. I had such AWFUL anxiety before hand. It was seriously paralyzing.

Anxiety timeline:
Anxiety that EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong with mission papers went wrong with mine.
Anxiety that my mission call took forFREAKINGever to come in the mail.
Anxiety that my mission call was delayed because of a health issue.
Anxiety that I only had 40 days to prepare for my mission.
Anxiety that I was going to pass out or throw up during my farewell talk in my SINGLES WARD in front of countless cute guys and my family.

HOPEFULLY the anxiety is over. That way I can just relax before my mission.

I have issues.

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It's here!!!!!

It’s here!!!!!


He won't be lonely when he comes home!

He won’t be lonely when he comes home!

Our pesonalities are showing again...

Our pesonalities are showing again…

The most correct book...

The most correct book…

x Lyss x