David A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.

Hey guys!! Hope everyone is doing awesome! Happy Memorial Day!

First off, I would just like for everyone to know that I ate a tomato sandwich. I didn’t die, but I wanted to the entire time I was eating it. I’m fine now though. I’m a survivor!

I can’t even remember the first half of this week, so much has happened the last couple of days!!

My companion and I have been having some issues, which resulted in her not speaking to me for two days, so that was fun!! And then after that, she got a migraine and slept for 2 days straight. She has a brain condition, the name of which I’m not even going to try and remember, but the gist is that part of her brain sags out of her skull, so she gets migraines when it rains. So I was going a little nuts while that was happening too. I read the Book of Mormon until my eyes hurt, read an entire book on church history, watched every mission approved DVD we have in our apartment, and read a couple of David A. Bednar talks ( more on that later!!!). But she woke up this morning and has been speaking to me as if nothing happened, so I guess we are fine now!!

Soooooo. We were told the day we got here that an apostle was going to be coming on the 8th of June, but we didn’t know which one. This week we had Zone Training on Wednesday, and President Topham was there, and told us…. DAVID A. BEDNAR IS COMING.

Let me repeat that: My tied for favorite apostle, DAVID A. BEDNAR, is coming to my mission to speak to us. I know you aren’t supposed to have favorites, but he totally is tied for first as my favorite. AND he is also speaking to my stake that I’m stationed in, so I will get to hear him TWICE. All week, when something bad happened, I’d say “David A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.” Seriously, that’s the only way I’ve made it through this week. My companion won’t speak to me, “David A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.” Had to eat a tomato sandwich, “Daivd A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.” Found a spider on my arm, “David A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.”

Don’t ask me what I’m going to do after he leaves, because I don’t know!!

Spider Story:

We had a dinner appointment with a member that lives on a 5 acre piece of land. We had to wait for his wife to get home from a Dr.’s appointment, so he invited us to sit on this cute swing hanging from one of his many trees (It takes him EIGHT HOURS to mow his property around his trees!). So we sat, and as we talked, I noticed a spider crawling up his leg and onto his shirt. I am deathly afraid of spiders, I don’t discriminate, I don’t care if its a daddy long legs, they are still scary, so I let him know that he had a spider on him. He proceeded to catch it and let it go into the grass, and then tell us that he hoped we aren’t scared of spiders, because he has a daddy long leg infestation on his property, RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE WE ARE SITTING. So you can imagine, the entire rest of the time we spent sitting in that swing, I kept feeling phantom spiders all over me. I’m sure anyone would. I kept casually trying to check, but there never was one where I felt it. When his wife FINALLY got home, we stood up, and I noticed that there were THREE SPIDERS on my bag, so I nonchalantly shook the crap out of my bag. And then, as we were walking toward the house, I looked down and THERE WAS A SPIDER ON MY ARM OH MY HECK. I tried desperately to freak out quietly to myself, but, unfortunately, a super attractive squeak was let out. The member turned around, and I just told him I had dropped my bag, and continued. I got to see a picture of him in a dress later, so that made me feel a little better. BUT Daivd A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.

We also got to see a triple baptism today! Three of the kids in the ward all wanted to do their baptisms together, and today was the day! I’d never heard of something like that, so that was a fun experience for me.

Also, I don’t believe I have ever experienced the literal meaning of the phrase “When it rains, it pours” until I got here. I seriously saw raindrops as big as golf balls, and the lightning was so intense, we just went home. I wish I had been able to get a picture. The streets were starting to flood after about 15 minutes. Luckily, we live in an upstairs apartment!

Also, I am really excited because one of the members of our ward is and artist (She named herself Cello!) and she gave Sister Andresen and I each a painting!! They are BEAUTIFUL, I am so glad that I got to know her well enough that she felt comfortable calling us when her car died. We helped her out with that, so she gave us the paintings. I will send a picture next week.

We also took over an investigator from the Elders, and we actually had to drop her because she was SO MEAN to us. She also told us we couldn’t teach her because we were women!! And then she insulted me because I was quiet the whole time, and called Sister Andresen a quitter, because she ended the lesson early because the Spirit wasn’t there. It was awful.

I am also in love with Mormon Messages. I am going to try and tell you a Mormon Message to watch each week, so maybe you can use it in your family home evenings or watch them just because, or not watch them. Whatever you want.The one I want you guys to watch this week is Looking Through Windows. Watch, laugh, and learn. You’re welcome.

I can’t send pictures today, because I’m not at the library because its Memorial Day and the library was closed, but I’ll try and send some next week! I need Granddad to see how our meal was delivered to us last night, he will appreciate how fancy it is.

Last thing, we finally get to move on Saturday!! So I will give you our new apartment’s address so you can send stuff straight to me now instead of sending it through the mission office. Woo! I’m excited to have hot water!!!! And no holes in the floor!!

The address is:

Sister Roberts
513 # 2 Market Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

I love you all so much, and I appreciate it that you guys love me enough to read my ramblings!!! I’m still so excited to be here, and I know that the Church is true!! I hope all of the cousins are considering missions, because it’s definitely worth it! I know it doesn’t sound like it this week, but it is, I promise!!!! David A. Bednar could come!!

x Sister Roberts x


What A Week!

Hey guys!

Wow, I was so long winded in the last email! Sorry!

This week has had a lot of ups and downs. I would like to say it was mostly ups, but I would be lying.

First tragedy: I. Lost. My. Memory. Card. It is lost in the depths of the gear shift of our car, and will cost 80-160 dollars to retrieve. I was so devastated that I couldn’t cry. It’s been a week, and my heart still hurts every time I think about how I will never see my MTC pictures again. I can’t handle it.

Second tragedy: Our investigator who was supposed to be baptized Saturday, Christine, had a worthiness issue in her interview, which led to us discovering how little of a testimony she had in the first place. We went from preparing to teach her the new member lessons to having to drop her in the span of one day. It sounds cold that we dropped her, but she resents us so much for not letting her be baptized, even though she never thought she needed to be in the first place.

Third tragedy: I got a stomach bug, so we had to stay in on Wednesday and half of Thursday. I’m am so ready for Satan to realize that making me get sick isn’t going to work, because I am so tired of being sick and working despite that.

There are a plethora of other minor things that went wrong, but I don’t you guys to be sad for me, because I’m not sad!

There are some awesome things that did happen this week though!

Awesome things:

1. We found a place to live! We can’t move in until June 1st, but at least we found somewhere! Most of the apartments here are just a large house separated into different apartments, and that is what the one we live in now is AND the one we are moving into. But this one was just recently renovated, and it has dark wood floors and walls and is just gorgeous! It kind of reminds me of the house in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. No hole in the floor! Hot water! No smell!

2. We got a referral from a member, and she is so great! I have a feeling she is going to be a golden investigator.

3. We are starting a 40 day fast today! Not from food, obviously, but from things, so that we can be purified and have the Spirit with us more. Its something from a talk that Sister Andresen has. I’m so excited! I’m not sure what Heavenly Father wants me to give up yet, but I’ll let you know next week.

A couple stories, and then I’ll end.

The other day, we had dinner with a family in the ward. When we got to their address, I immediately judged them. The live in a trailer court (Pennsylvanians call them trailer courts instead of trailer parks! How weird is that?) and they were not in one of the trailers that were in better condition. We got there, and two of the six kids were unloading groceries, their dog was barking its cute little head off, the two month old was screaming, dinner wasn’t started, and the mom’s shirt was NOT long enough. But as we sat and waited for the groceries to be put away, I watched them, and I totally felt chastened by Heavenly Father for judging them. They are such a loving family. The dad is Peruvian, and the mom is so white/blonde that she might be albino, and as a result their kids are BEAUTIFUL. They have Peruvian features but lighter coloring, and they all look like little models with their high cheekbones and huge eyes. The dad was so great and patient with the kids. He was feeding the little baby and also trying to get the rest of the kids showered and do their chores while the mom put away groceries and cooked. It was interesting, because he made the chores seem like favors, and the kids were more willing to do them because it was a “favor” to their dad. When we finally were able to eat, we learned that they were recent converts (within the past 2 years) and got to hear their super cool conversion story. I’d tell you what it was, but I feel like conversion stories are really personal, spiritual expiriences and shouldn’t be shared without permisson. But they all love each other so much, and I am so glad we got to have dinner with them. Its been interesting how all of my wild dinner expiriences have turned out to be my favorite ones!
Some interesting words I’ve heard: nugrients (nutrients), regenuvate (regenerate/reguvenate), and decipleeals (deciples)
We were tracting, and I had a good feeling about this one street, so we started knocking on doors. After like an hour on this one street, I was starting to think that my good feeling had been because no one was mean to us, but the very last door we knocked on, we found April. She is a really kookie lady! She kept going on and on about how homosexuals were going to take over the earth, and the apocalypse was coming, but she used a lot of scriptures from the Bible to back up her theories. So I’m pretty intimidated when we teach her because my focus has obviously been the Book of Mormon. My favorite thing, though, is when people have misconceptions about us, because then we get to set them straight! She totally tried to shut us down at first because she thought we don’t believe in the Bible, and the only reason she let us come back is because we told her the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ! So that was really cool :).
Last one!
We were eating at a member’s house, and we got to try some Pennsylvanian dishes! One of them was called scrapple which is like squishy, wet sausage (didn’t like it), and the other one is called a parogi, which is kind of like a dumpling. It kind of like a noodle on the outside, and the inside is potato and cheese (liked it!). They told us you could put pretty much anything inside them though. So that was fun!!
I am attempting to send pictures. I think I’m sending scenery, and me in front of our gross apartment.
I love you guys so much, and I’m so happy here! I love being a missionary, no matter how hard and sad things are, because the happy moments are totally worth it!

1st missionary apartment!

1st missionary apartment!

scenery PA

scenery PA2

I made it! Kind of!

Hi family! And friends! And any other peeps who may be creepin’! I love you all!
It was so great to see slash hear from all of you yesterday!! Happy Mother’s Day again! I’m sorry Skype quit working!
I feel like I have a month’s worth of stuff to tell you, and its only been 9 days since my last P-Day! (P-Days will be Mondays from now on).
I’ll start with leaving the MTC. We had to get up at 3 am to make it to the MTC travel office by 4 am to make our 7:30 flight. I was struggling to get my luggage to the office, and when we were almost there Elders Weatherston and Adamson found us and helped us get our luggage to the bus. I seriously wanted to cry I was so grateful to them, my wrists are still bruised from how I was trying to balance my carry on. Bee, make sure you have a way to attatch your carry on to one of your other bags. Promise, its worth it.
Got to call daddy from the airport for like 30 seconds and we basically just cried on the phone for the entire 30 seconds and I swear the Elders think I’m a weepy loser. I cry so much guys. MOM, I didn’t call you because it was 4:30 am and I knew dad would be awake for work, and I also didn’t know if I would get to talk to him on Mother’s Day.
On the plane.
It was a pretty normal plane ride, except the flight attendant kept exclaiming about how she’d never had that many missionaries on one plane before, and took a picture of us. So I’m on some random flight attendant’s Facebook. Its fine.
Proof that my mission is changing me: I willingly shared beef jerky with Sister Hanseen and Elder Adamson. Like, I actually OFFERED. Guys. I’m becoming more Christlike already! I’m sure Jesus would have just given them the whole bag, but hey, its a step in the right direction.
My camera was The Selfie Camera for the last couple of days at the MTC. This part is for my district:
Total selfies: 64
Selfies I’m in: 7
Selfies of Elder Adamson: 17
AND Selfies of Elder Weatherston: ……….. 46. I love it.
So. The plane from Detroit to Pittsburgh. Oh. My. Word. 26 of us continued to Pittsburgh. That plane was probably the teeniest commercial plane in existance. And Elder Weatherston was on it. The plane from floor to ceiling was probably only 6′. Elder Weatherston is 6’10”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry on his behalf.
The plane from Detroit to Pittsburgh: beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
I wanted to die the entire time.
Confusion at the airport. The plane was so small, they used the cargo hold for like six suitcases and the rest was for our carry ons, which we didn’t know. So the majority of the missionaries had to stay an extra two or three hours for the next plane to come in with their luggage.
We had a driving instruction session with the fleet coordinator. Spent the night at the mission home, where Sister Hanseen and I had a bonding moment of hilarity (picture us laying on the floor laughing/crying) and then Elder Weatherston walked in on us and joined in. It was pretty great.
And then we got our assignments.
I am assigned to a tiny town called Bloomsburg, PA. Our area covers Bloomsburg, Catawissa (toddler for cat awyssa!), and one other town which I can never remember because it is a weird name.
My trainer’s name is Sister Andresen (pronounced andreesen, like the e in week). She is a pretty cool, hilarious girl. I prayed for a funny companion, because I can’t handle serious people. I think I would have had a mental breakdown if she hadn’t been funny for reasons I will explain in a minute. She has a lot of pet peeves though, and I feel like all I do is bug her, because humming bugs her, sighing bugs her ( I didn’t realize I even sighed that much till she pointed it out), hair bugs her, and a few other things I can’t remember right now that are really weird and unique. The only thing she does that bugs me is when we teach she assumes I’m not going to explain something right and interupts me so she can explain it her way. Otherwise she is awesome! She lovingly refers to me as hag or greenie, and if I accidentally do something against the white bible she calls me either a Gentile or an apostate.
Reasons why I almost had a mental breakdown when we first got here:
1. Our apartment is a crap hole. It doesn’t have hot water, there is a giant hole in the floor we have to jump over between the kitchen and the living room. There is no heater, and the air conditioner leaks so we can’t use it very much. It has had elders living in it for at LEAST 20 years. There is a scary attic that I almost died in twice already, and the whole apartment smells like mold/elders/20 pack a day smoker/ hatred and fear. Needless to say, we are moving shortly.
2. I am a greenie and freaking out is something greenies do.
3. Sister Andresen has like a hundred pet peeves.
4. The area is a college town. There have been a lot of meth house busts in the past year (like 36?) in the town right next to us, and in our town there are like 5 taverns just on main street, and a lot of wild college parties that make it hard to tract in the evenings.
5. Sister Andresen and I were “doubled in”, which means both of us are new to the area and have no idea what’s going on. We are pretty much starting over, because the elders only had 1 investigator, who will be baptized on Saturday, so we are going to be starting over.
Reasons why I am no longer having a mental breakdown:
1. Sister Andresen is like comic relief. Her sarcasm is priceless. She has her own special brand.
2. We don’t actually spend that much time in our apartment.
3. We are moving soon.
4. We have set up 3 appointments just from tracting and street contacting in the past 3 days!
5. We have 2 appointments set up with former investigators, who only stopped investigating because “it wasnt the right time for them” and we went and visited and they said they would be willing to take the lessons again.
6. The gospel just makes me happy. No question that this is the true church, and this is where I am supposed to be.
7. The town of Catawissa is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Everyone has a porch, with a porch swing or rocking chairs and cute shutters and its just so dang cute I could die.
8. The ward is great! They fight over who gets to feed us because there haven’t been sisters in the area for over 10 years. I haven’t had to eat anything I don’t like yet, which is really lucky because I’m such a picky eater. The poor elders from our area though! They’re just like “But, what about us?” Its kinda funny/sad.
You can tell the church is young here though. Almost everyone is a convert. I love it! There was a family that was baptized the transfer before we got here that seem like they’ve been members their whole lives!
The entire area is greener than seems real. I feel like this isn’t real life, like I’m in some kind of inspirational movie made by the church about missionary work. It actually feels kinda like a foreign mission because I am so not used to anything here.
I better go so I can have a little time to email everyone else individually. I cant do pictures because I forgot my camera cord, but I’ll send some next time! I love you guys so much! I miss all of you, especially my district from the MTC! You guys rock!
I love this gospel, I love being here. I’m happy and tired all the time!
Remember every member a missionary! Going out with the missionaries is an opportunity to grow your testimony by sharing it. We get so excited when a member wants to come teach with us!
Also, I want to challenge everyone to pray for missionary expiriences and pay close attention to the hymns we sing, especially the sacrament hymns. I used to sing on auto pilot, and now that I pay attention to the words, I cry almost everytime we sing, its so embarrassing. Thanks Elders Vassallo and Weatherston for showing me the importance of hymns. I miss your singing voice Elder Weatherston!
Love you guys!

Second E-Mail; A Little Homesick, Some Advice, and Some Investigators!

alyssa1 alyssa2 alyssa4

Sister Roberts with Elder Garner at the MTC!

Sister Roberts with Elder Garner at the MTC!

alyssa6 alyssa7

Hey guys!
Surprise! They changed my P-Day!
This week has gone by so fast! It’s true when they say it takes forever to get to Sunday, and then it starts flying.
So you all know I’m not really an emotional person, and I’m pretty independent, so I wasn’t really worried about being homesick. I should have been…
I was exhausted because I had been up all night with stomach pain but had decided to tough the day out (I’ll explain that more later). The elders were trying to make me feel better, and started quoting Nacho Libre. It was working! I started laughing SO HARD! But then, I was laughing so hard that I was crying, and then I was just straight up sobbing into my burger. I had to get up and leave to the bathroom, and my poor companion had to come with me.
*sidenote* If you feel like you need to cry, Bee, just let it out, because I had been stuffing it down without realizing and it kind of exploded out of me.
Anyway, I continued to try and make myself quit crying and pull myself together, and I succeded, kind of, but I felt weepy the whole rest of the day. When I came back from the bathroom, Elder Weatherston and Elder Adamson (the 6’10” funny one and the 5’5″ funny one), who were the ones doing Nacho Libre, felt so bad and everyone gave me an air hug and a “knucks” which is just fist bumps with our little district twist. They still actually apologize to me for it, even though it totally wasn’t their fault. Elder Weatherston was just making the exact face that Dillon does when he is quoting Nacho Libre…
Moving on, I taught my first investigator this week! Her name is Sarah, and she was really REALLY hard to have as the first person to teach. She challenged everything Sister Pau’u and I said, and kept this super skeptical look on her face the whole time we were teaching her. I was seriously dreading going back. But, the second time we taught her, we had no idea what to teach her, so we said a fervent prayer before we went in, and boy, were we armed with the Spirit! All we had was a scripture and a vague idea of what we were going to teach her, and the Spirit took over. Toward the end, as Sister Pau’u was bearing her testimony, she began to cry with us and told us she had a really good feeling that we were good people, and that she should listen to us! She went from believing in Hinduism (even though she is the whitest ginger I have ever seen) to being an investigator in one lesson!! I felt so good after :). Our other investigator is Bart, and he just agreed to be baptized yesterday after 4 lessons! I felt EVEN BETTER after that one!
Satan knows that my biggest weakness is when I am sick, I am a huge baby, so I have been sick 3 different times this week. I had sharp stomach pains all night Sunday night, I threw up 2 times on Tuesday night, and now I have had a cold since Wednesday night. It’s interesting, isnt it? I don’t know if Satan has the power to make people sick, but if he does, he’s working it, or influencing people to not wash their hands or whatever so that I get sick. But I have not missed a single minute of class, and I still get up at 6 am so I can shower and stuff. I’m so proud of myself, and grateful to Heavenly Father for answering my prayers and helping me tough it out. And to the elders for giving me a blessing.
Joe was in my zone!!! It was so crazy, I saw him all the time!!! We got some cute pictures, which I will try again to send, as well as some others. Sorry I look gross in some of them, one of the days we took pictures was the morning after one of the times I had been sick.
I have changed my spiritual crush to Elder Weatherston. He is not cute AT ALL, but he is so funny and we get along so well! Hopefully, he never sees my blog and finds out though…. haha. Elder Weatherston has what he and I have established to be tie swag. He has the coolest nerd ties I have ever seen. It should be one of the pictures I send if it will let me this time. Also, we play volleyball every gym time, and he looks like what I imagine a shaved Sasquatch swatting the ball around would look like when we play because of his size. It’s hilarious.
I don’t remember if I told you guys, but Sister Pau’u and I got called to be the Sister Training Leaders for out zone, so I have been busy doing orientations for the sisters and tours and junk. It adds a lot of pressure to our already crazy schedules, but I love getting to know the new sisters that just came in!
Kayla! I can’t believe you got your first kiss before me!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck??
I’m sending Dillon a shirt so he always remembers that I am where he will be someday, and that I love it!!! But. I don’t remember ya’ll’s address…. so if you could send that, that would be great!
Make sure Nicole is posting this stuff to my blog and to Facebook!!!
Love you guys!
x Sister Roberts x

First E-Mail From the MTC!

Hey guys!!!
I only have a half hour in the MTC, so I’ll try and hurry and say everything I need to quickly.
First off, I FREAKIN LOVE IT HERE. I’m seriously having the best time, even though I’m exhausted all the time. I’ve never been so thrilled to be so exhausted though!
My companion is Sister Pau’u (she says you can say it POW or PAH-OO). She is from California, but she is Tongan. She is seriously the cutest, most disorganized, scatterbrained girl I’ve ever met. I love her!
I love my whole district! There are nine of us, 4 sisters and 5 elders, and we are all going to Pittsburgh. Our district is hilarious, but we are awesome at being really spiritual too. Elder Weatherton is 6’10” and wears a size 17 shoe, so Nana, I think he wins over the elder from your ward you told me to watch out for. He is the most awkwardly hilarious guy, from Idaho. I’ll try and tell you a little more about each person in our district at the end if I have time.
I am in love with the MTC. I am seriously going to apply to BYU when I get home (probably won’t get in but whatevs) so that I can be a teacher here or SOMETHING. The Spirit is everywhere here. All the time. Matthew told me that the MTC is the closest you will ever come to living inside the temple, and that is so true. It’s so nice to constantly be around people with the same values and standards as me. No swearing, no movies, nothing to take the Spirit away.
Cool fact, the MTC, as of Wednesday, is now 46.7% sisters!!!!! That’s craziness!!! It’s hard for the elders in my district to not constantly be checking girls out, which sometimes gets on my nerves, but hey, I have a mini crush on Elder Vassalo in my district. Its a spiritual crush, promise. He is 24, and has had a really tough life, but he has DEFINITELY overcome that and just exudes the power of the Spirit. He is our district leader.
I don’t know if Bee gets these emails, but Bee, if you do, here’s some advice: Bring shower sandals. I promise you won’t regret it. And bring a LOT of paper and notebooks. I feel like all I do for 16 hours is take notes.
Something cool our district does to kind of take a break is a kind of spotlight thing we call Fabulous 15, which is 15 minutes to get to know one person in the district better. The first five minutes is them telling us about themselves, the second five minutes is us asking questions, and the last five minutes is the “love shower”, where we all go around and say our favorite thing about the person. We’ve done one so far, Elder Adamson, who is also the elder in the hilarious picture I’m also going to send.
Joe is miraculously in my Zone!! That is so rare to be in the same Zone as one of your best friends, so I get to see him all the time! We haven’t got to get a picture together yet though, which is sad.
Rooming is cool, there are usually 6 sisters to a room, but there are only the four sisters in my district in my room, so we have tons of extra space, which is so nice.
Okay, so if I’m going to attach pictures I need to say goodbye now. My P-Day in the MTC is going to be Saturdays, just fyi. I’m leaving for Pittsburgh on May 6th at 7:30 am.
Also, if you use Dear Elder.com, its free, and I get the letter immediately, so use it!!! You just need to know my name and my mission.
I love you all so much, and I miss you, but just know that I love it here, and the Spirit has confirmed to me multiple times that this is where I am supposed to be. I think EVERYONE SHOULD GO ON A MISSION. If you are going, even if you are only 13 now (Dillon), start studying Preach My Gospel right now, it will help you so much.
Love ya!
x Sister Roberts x
P.S. I just tried to attach pictures and it wouldn’t let me! Sorry!!