First E-Mail From the MTC!

Hey guys!!!
I only have a half hour in the MTC, so I’ll try and hurry and say everything I need to quickly.
First off, I FREAKIN LOVE IT HERE. I’m seriously having the best time, even though I’m exhausted all the time. I’ve never been so thrilled to be so exhausted though!
My companion is Sister Pau’u (she says you can say it POW or PAH-OO). She is from California, but she is Tongan. She is seriously the cutest, most disorganized, scatterbrained girl I’ve ever met. I love her!
I love my whole district! There are nine of us, 4 sisters and 5 elders, and we are all going to Pittsburgh. Our district is hilarious, but we are awesome at being really spiritual too. Elder Weatherton is 6’10” and wears a size 17 shoe, so Nana, I think he wins over the elder from your ward you told me to watch out for. He is the most awkwardly hilarious guy, from Idaho. I’ll try and tell you a little more about each person in our district at the end if I have time.
I am in love with the MTC. I am seriously going to apply to BYU when I get home (probably won’t get in but whatevs) so that I can be a teacher here or SOMETHING. The Spirit is everywhere here. All the time. Matthew told me that the MTC is the closest you will ever come to living inside the temple, and that is so true. It’s so nice to constantly be around people with the same values and standards as me. No swearing, no movies, nothing to take the Spirit away.
Cool fact, the MTC, as of Wednesday, is now 46.7% sisters!!!!! That’s craziness!!! It’s hard for the elders in my district to not constantly be checking girls out, which sometimes gets on my nerves, but hey, I have a mini crush on Elder Vassalo in my district. Its a spiritual crush, promise. He is 24, and has had a really tough life, but he has DEFINITELY overcome that and just exudes the power of the Spirit. He is our district leader.
I don’t know if Bee gets these emails, but Bee, if you do, here’s some advice: Bring shower sandals. I promise you won’t regret it. And bring a LOT of paper and notebooks. I feel like all I do for 16 hours is take notes.
Something cool our district does to kind of take a break is a kind of spotlight thing we call Fabulous 15, which is 15 minutes to get to know one person in the district better. The first five minutes is them telling us about themselves, the second five minutes is us asking questions, and the last five minutes is the “love shower”, where we all go around and say our favorite thing about the person. We’ve done one so far, Elder Adamson, who is also the elder in the hilarious picture I’m also going to send.
Joe is miraculously in my Zone!! That is so rare to be in the same Zone as one of your best friends, so I get to see him all the time! We haven’t got to get a picture together yet though, which is sad.
Rooming is cool, there are usually 6 sisters to a room, but there are only the four sisters in my district in my room, so we have tons of extra space, which is so nice.
Okay, so if I’m going to attach pictures I need to say goodbye now. My P-Day in the MTC is going to be Saturdays, just fyi. I’m leaving for Pittsburgh on May 6th at 7:30 am.
Also, if you use Dear, its free, and I get the letter immediately, so use it!!! You just need to know my name and my mission.
I love you all so much, and I miss you, but just know that I love it here, and the Spirit has confirmed to me multiple times that this is where I am supposed to be. I think EVERYONE SHOULD GO ON A MISSION. If you are going, even if you are only 13 now (Dillon), start studying Preach My Gospel right now, it will help you so much.
Love ya!
x Sister Roberts x
P.S. I just tried to attach pictures and it wouldn’t let me! Sorry!!

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