Second E-Mail; A Little Homesick, Some Advice, and Some Investigators!

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Sister Roberts with Elder Garner at the MTC!

Sister Roberts with Elder Garner at the MTC!

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Hey guys!
Surprise! They changed my P-Day!
This week has gone by so fast! It’s true when they say it takes forever to get to Sunday, and then it starts flying.
So you all know I’m not really an emotional person, and I’m pretty independent, so I wasn’t really worried about being homesick. I should have been…
I was exhausted because I had been up all night with stomach pain but had decided to tough the day out (I’ll explain that more later). The elders were trying to make me feel better, and started quoting Nacho Libre. It was working! I started laughing SO HARD! But then, I was laughing so hard that I was crying, and then I was just straight up sobbing into my burger. I had to get up and leave to the bathroom, and my poor companion had to come with me.
*sidenote* If you feel like you need to cry, Bee, just let it out, because I had been stuffing it down without realizing and it kind of exploded out of me.
Anyway, I continued to try and make myself quit crying and pull myself together, and I succeded, kind of, but I felt weepy the whole rest of the day. When I came back from the bathroom, Elder Weatherston and Elder Adamson (the 6’10” funny one and the 5’5″ funny one), who were the ones doing Nacho Libre, felt so bad and everyone gave me an air hug and a “knucks” which is just fist bumps with our little district twist. They still actually apologize to me for it, even though it totally wasn’t their fault. Elder Weatherston was just making the exact face that Dillon does when he is quoting Nacho Libre…
Moving on, I taught my first investigator this week! Her name is Sarah, and she was really REALLY hard to have as the first person to teach. She challenged everything Sister Pau’u and I said, and kept this super skeptical look on her face the whole time we were teaching her. I was seriously dreading going back. But, the second time we taught her, we had no idea what to teach her, so we said a fervent prayer before we went in, and boy, were we armed with the Spirit! All we had was a scripture and a vague idea of what we were going to teach her, and the Spirit took over. Toward the end, as Sister Pau’u was bearing her testimony, she began to cry with us and told us she had a really good feeling that we were good people, and that she should listen to us! She went from believing in Hinduism (even though she is the whitest ginger I have ever seen) to being an investigator in one lesson!! I felt so good after :). Our other investigator is Bart, and he just agreed to be baptized yesterday after 4 lessons! I felt EVEN BETTER after that one!
Satan knows that my biggest weakness is when I am sick, I am a huge baby, so I have been sick 3 different times this week. I had sharp stomach pains all night Sunday night, I threw up 2 times on Tuesday night, and now I have had a cold since Wednesday night. It’s interesting, isnt it? I don’t know if Satan has the power to make people sick, but if he does, he’s working it, or influencing people to not wash their hands or whatever so that I get sick. But I have not missed a single minute of class, and I still get up at 6 am so I can shower and stuff. I’m so proud of myself, and grateful to Heavenly Father for answering my prayers and helping me tough it out. And to the elders for giving me a blessing.
Joe was in my zone!!! It was so crazy, I saw him all the time!!! We got some cute pictures, which I will try again to send, as well as some others. Sorry I look gross in some of them, one of the days we took pictures was the morning after one of the times I had been sick.
I have changed my spiritual crush to Elder Weatherston. He is not cute AT ALL, but he is so funny and we get along so well! Hopefully, he never sees my blog and finds out though…. haha. Elder Weatherston has what he and I have established to be tie swag. He has the coolest nerd ties I have ever seen. It should be one of the pictures I send if it will let me this time. Also, we play volleyball every gym time, and he looks like what I imagine a shaved Sasquatch swatting the ball around would look like when we play because of his size. It’s hilarious.
I don’t remember if I told you guys, but Sister Pau’u and I got called to be the Sister Training Leaders for out zone, so I have been busy doing orientations for the sisters and tours and junk. It adds a lot of pressure to our already crazy schedules, but I love getting to know the new sisters that just came in!
Kayla! I can’t believe you got your first kiss before me!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck??
I’m sending Dillon a shirt so he always remembers that I am where he will be someday, and that I love it!!! But. I don’t remember ya’ll’s address…. so if you could send that, that would be great!
Make sure Nicole is posting this stuff to my blog and to Facebook!!!
Love you guys!
x Sister Roberts x

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