David A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.

Hey guys!! Hope everyone is doing awesome! Happy Memorial Day!

First off, I would just like for everyone to know that I ate a tomato sandwich. I didn’t die, but I wanted to the entire time I was eating it. I’m fine now though. I’m a survivor!

I can’t even remember the first half of this week, so much has happened the last couple of days!!

My companion and I have been having some issues, which resulted in her not speaking to me for two days, so that was fun!! And then after that, she got a migraine and slept for 2 days straight. She has a brain condition, the name of which I’m not even going to try and remember, but the gist is that part of her brain sags out of her skull, so she gets migraines when it rains. So I was going a little nuts while that was happening too. I read the Book of Mormon until my eyes hurt, read an entire book on church history, watched every mission approved DVD we have in our apartment, and read a couple of David A. Bednar talks ( more on that later!!!). But she woke up this morning and has been speaking to me as if nothing happened, so I guess we are fine now!!

Soooooo. We were told the day we got here that an apostle was going to be coming on the 8th of June, but we didn’t know which one. This week we had Zone Training on Wednesday, and President Topham was there, and told us…. DAVID A. BEDNAR IS COMING.

Let me repeat that: My tied for favorite apostle, DAVID A. BEDNAR, is coming to my mission to speak to us. I know you aren’t supposed to have favorites, but he totally is tied for first as my favorite. AND he is also speaking to my stake that I’m stationed in, so I will get to hear him TWICE. All week, when something bad happened, I’d say “David A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.” Seriously, that’s the only way I’ve made it through this week. My companion won’t speak to me, “David A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.” Had to eat a tomato sandwich, “Daivd A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.” Found a spider on my arm, “David A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.”

Don’t ask me what I’m going to do after he leaves, because I don’t know!!

Spider Story:

We had a dinner appointment with a member that lives on a 5 acre piece of land. We had to wait for his wife to get home from a Dr.’s appointment, so he invited us to sit on this cute swing hanging from one of his many trees (It takes him EIGHT HOURS to mow his property around his trees!). So we sat, and as we talked, I noticed a spider crawling up his leg and onto his shirt. I am deathly afraid of spiders, I don’t discriminate, I don’t care if its a daddy long legs, they are still scary, so I let him know that he had a spider on him. He proceeded to catch it and let it go into the grass, and then tell us that he hoped we aren’t scared of spiders, because he has a daddy long leg infestation on his property, RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE WE ARE SITTING. So you can imagine, the entire rest of the time we spent sitting in that swing, I kept feeling phantom spiders all over me. I’m sure anyone would. I kept casually trying to check, but there never was one where I felt it. When his wife FINALLY got home, we stood up, and I noticed that there were THREE SPIDERS on my bag, so I nonchalantly shook the crap out of my bag. And then, as we were walking toward the house, I looked down and THERE WAS A SPIDER ON MY ARM OH MY HECK. I tried desperately to freak out quietly to myself, but, unfortunately, a super attractive squeak was let out. The member turned around, and I just told him I had dropped my bag, and continued. I got to see a picture of him in a dress later, so that made me feel a little better. BUT Daivd A. Bednar is coming… It’s fine.

We also got to see a triple baptism today! Three of the kids in the ward all wanted to do their baptisms together, and today was the day! I’d never heard of something like that, so that was a fun experience for me.

Also, I don’t believe I have ever experienced the literal meaning of the phrase “When it rains, it pours” until I got here. I seriously saw raindrops as big as golf balls, and the lightning was so intense, we just went home. I wish I had been able to get a picture. The streets were starting to flood after about 15 minutes. Luckily, we live in an upstairs apartment!

Also, I am really excited because one of the members of our ward is and artist (She named herself Cello!) and she gave Sister Andresen and I each a painting!! They are BEAUTIFUL, I am so glad that I got to know her well enough that she felt comfortable calling us when her car died. We helped her out with that, so she gave us the paintings. I will send a picture next week.

We also took over an investigator from the Elders, and we actually had to drop her because she was SO MEAN to us. She also told us we couldn’t teach her because we were women!! And then she insulted me because I was quiet the whole time, and called Sister Andresen a quitter, because she ended the lesson early because the Spirit wasn’t there. It was awful.

I am also in love with Mormon Messages. I am going to try and tell you a Mormon Message to watch each week, so maybe you can use it in your family home evenings or watch them just because, or not watch them. Whatever you want.The one I want you guys to watch this week is Looking Through Windows. Watch, laugh, and learn. You’re welcome.

I can’t send pictures today, because I’m not at the library because its Memorial Day and the library was closed, but I’ll try and send some next week! I need Granddad to see how our meal was delivered to us last night, he will appreciate how fancy it is.

Last thing, we finally get to move on Saturday!! So I will give you our new apartment’s address so you can send stuff straight to me now instead of sending it through the mission office. Woo! I’m excited to have hot water!!!! And no holes in the floor!!

The address is:

Sister Roberts
513 # 2 Market Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

I love you all so much, and I appreciate it that you guys love me enough to read my ramblings!!! I’m still so excited to be here, and I know that the Church is true!! I hope all of the cousins are considering missions, because it’s definitely worth it! I know it doesn’t sound like it this week, but it is, I promise!!!! David A. Bednar could come!!

x Sister Roberts x

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