Hey everyone! How’s life?

First off, I just want to apologize to everyone about how long its taking to write back when you write me an actual written letter. My companion and I are doing a 40 day fast from things that take away from the Spirit, and I am fasting from writing letters on days that aren’t P-day. So… sorry!! I should have time to write everyone back today though.

This week has been pretty awesome!

We had two lessons this week. The first was with Linda, who WAS our only progressing investigator. We taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation, and she was really receptive to it, and said it made sense so far.

She has dogs, and I’ve noticed that dogs can TOTALLY TELL when you are a dog person, because her dogs would not leave me the heck alone. I got the longest, whitest dog hairs all over my favorite skirt and haven’t been able to wear it because we can only do laundry on P-day. Sad, but I still love dogs :). Sister Andresen hates dogs, so when a member or someone we visit has a dog I have to box her in so the dog can’t get anywhere near her, because if it does and the member isn’t watching, she kicks their dog. It makes me want to die inside.

Our other lesson was with a new investigator that we found this week, so we have a whopping TWO investigators now! Yaya!

His name is Tim, and he is a big black guy that is in a motorized wheelchair we found tracting. He was chilling on his porch smoking. I swear everyone we end up teaching we find while they’re smoking. He is way cool. I invited him to be baptized, and I was so prepared to address a concern about being baptized that he TOTALLY caught me off gaurd when he said “When?” I was like “uh, well, we were thinking, maybe, um….” and Sister Andresen had to save me by saying what we are SUPPOSED to say “We are holding a baptisimal service on July 6th, will you prepare to be baptized on that date?” Oh. My. Heck. I was so embarrassed.

Sister Decker gave us a very interesting pie. We were helping them clean their house so they could move to Utah, and to thank us she gave us a pie, which she said was apple pie, but was acutally like the pie version of a fruitcake. It had a lot of random fruit in it, and should have tasted good in theory but… it didn’t. But. I totally love the Deckers, they are one of my top 3 favorite families here, and I’m going to miss them so much!

Some things I found out are illegal here:

Its illegal to eat corn in the bathtub on a Sunday.

Its illegal to tie a girraffe to a lamppost. (everyone and their dang girraffes!)

And. Its illegal to sing in the shower. What.

Oh, and I cut my hair! Now, instead of looking like a homeless awkward Christian girl, I just look like an awkward Christian girl!

Now, on to the part I’m sure you are all dying to hear about: David A Bednar.

He is going to be the prophet. I know it.

He didn’t really give a talk. We were supposed to read 3 of his talks before we came to prepare. He stood at the pulpit and asked what we learned from them, and we raised our hands and if he called on us a runner would bring us a microphone, and we would say what we learned and he would deepen our knowledge of what we learned and ask a question. It was really the coolest thing ever. And after that he opened up a Q and A kind of thing, and we had the unique opportunity to ASK AN APOSTLE AND 3 MEMBERS OF THE 70 ANY QUESTION WE HAD. Never in my life will I have the opportunity to be in such a small group with an apostle. I was so grateful.

I just want to share with you one of the key things I got from our meeting with him.

The concept of faith and praying with faith was something that APPARENTLY I didn’t understand. It was really cool how he explained it, and I will do my best to explain it just as cool as him.

We are agents, not objects. We have the opportunity to use our agency and to not be acted upon. Part of being an agent and living the gospel is to do everything as an agent and not an object. For example, when we pray, we need to pray with the intent to act on what we are asking for. Lots of people (me, before I figured this out) pray and wait for Heavenly Father to just drop what we have asked for out of the heavens and into our lap. Like we ask to be healthy and then go eat crap like donuts and candy and stuff, and wonder why our prayers aren’t being answered.

That has totally changed my life!! Now, I pray to find those that are prepared for me, and then I GO AND LOOK FOR THEM.

Now, I pray for service opportunities, and GO AND ASK PEOPLE WHAT WE CAN DO FOR THEM.


It is so awesome, and I hope you guys can apply that as well.

I’ll end with a funny story, and my Mormon Message.

We were doubled into an area, which means that we were both new to the area, AND we opened the area, so we pretty much had to start from scratch in finding people to teach and figuring things out.

We were working on our area map, putting stickers where the members live, and I saw a house number that I recognized.

Me: “Sister, what is that number that they yell out in Monsters Inc. when they find something from the human world?”

Sis A: “Um, I can’t remember?”


Sis A: “Yeah! Yeah I think thats it!”

Me: “This member totally lives at 2319 something street.”

Sis A: …

Me: …

Sis A: *busts out laughing*

Me: *busts out laughing*

I have no idea if that is the number from Monsters Inc. but now we totally yell that when we accidentally touch an Elder innapropriately (brush their arm when we walk by, etc.).

Okay, so the Mormon Message for this week is called The Civility Expiriment. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but just know that it is probably the coolest Mormon Message I’ve seen so far. I totally cried in the middle of the library, its fine.

I love you all, and I hope that you miss me as much as I miss you!!!

x Sister Roberts x

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