We Almost Hit a Bear… Its Fine!

Hey guys!

We had a pretty uneventful/hilarious week. Mostly it was hilarious because I’m dumb. But hey, at least it was hilarious.

The first big thing is… I’m being transferred!! I have no idea where I’m going to be sleeping tomorrow night, or who my companion will be. I won’t even get to find out until tomorrow at transfer meeting. But, I am leaving tonight with Sister Andresen to drop her off in her new area, and will be picking Sister Bateman up there to go to Pittsburgh to spend the night with Sister Pau’u and her companion until transfer meeting tomorrow. Its going to be like a reunion for the sisters in my MTC district!! Except Sister Hanseen, which makes me sad :(. Still, I am excited/terrified to be transferred. So don’t write me or send packages until I can tell you my new address next week!!

We had a lot of experiences with wildlife this week…

1. We hit a ground hog. It was pretty gross, and Sister Andresen screamed for like a whole minute. And she made us drive past it again to see. EW.

2. We were lost out in the boonies because the gypsy (my GPS) took us on the wildest route and we ended up out by this bison farm that you could take a tour of (yes, please give me a tour of your Bison farm…) and we saw a WILD BEAVER. So we went on a wild goose chase to try and get a picture of this wild beaver.We may or may not have wasted 20 minutes trying to get a picture of a wild beaver. It’s fine. Did we get the picture? No.

3. Same trip as the wild beaver sighting, there was a dead kitten on the side of the road, and Sister Andresen PULLED OVER TO SHOW ME HOW DISGUSTING IT WAS. Thank you, sister, for opening your door and allowing that lovely odor into the car.

4. It was pouring rain, and we were driving out in the boonies (lets face it, my entire area is the boonies) and A HUGE BLACK BEAR RAN IN FRONT OF US. Luckily, we had enough time to brake and miss it without dying.

5. On the way home from exchanges, a bird suicide bombed in front of our car, so we killed a bird too.

The animals in this state…

Speaking of animals, we also were visiting a member and remember how Sister Andresen hates dogs? This member is one of our FAVORITE members, so she allowed the dog to approach her, and I got the most hilarious pictures of her enduring the dog for Sister Meaders sake.

We also got to help set up and attend another one of our favorite member’s wedding reception, I’ll send you a picture of that too.

One more funny story, and then I’ll get serious.

In personal study one morning, I was reading an article from a random Ensign I had picked up about a woman who had lost her arm and before she became a mother she worried about how she would take care of her kids with only one arm, and how she, with Heavenly Father’s help, had turned her weakness into a blessing. I thought it was really cool, so I was sharing it with Sister A in Companion Study. Here’s the funny part:

Me: So her kids hold on to her nub for comfort while they fall asleep at night. Isn’t that weirdly cute?

Sis A: How long is it?

Me: I don’t know, they have a picture, but I think its staged and its not really her.

Sis A: ……

Sis A: Not her nub, the article…

You guys, normal people would not assume that she was asking how long her nub was. This is a little insight about how my brain works. It’s fine. It’s normal.


We had a really great expirience tracting this week. We were originally planning on street contacting, but we felt like we needed to tract this street we were passing. So we spent about two hours on this one street. OF COURSE, at the last door for the day (we aren’t allowed to tract at night), we found Caroline. She is not going to investigate or anything, but we knocked on the door, and Sister Andresen told me it was my door, so when she answered I explained who we were and told her we wanted to share a message about how much God loves her. This is NOT what I normally say when people answer the door, usually I say we are sharing a message about the Book of Mormon or prophets or the Atonement, but I heard myself saying that, and rolled with it.

She. Starts. BAWLING. Her ex husband had tried to commit suicide, so her son had moved in with him to keep an eye on him, and the ex had beaten the crap out of her son the night before. And she had been sending all of her money to them to help them out so she was freaking out about the fact that her power and phone and water were going to be turned off. She said she was really scared, and she was grateful that we had knocked on her door. Sis A told her how we had felt like we needed to come down this street, and it was so we could let her know that God was aware of her and loved her, and asked her if we could say a prayer with her. So, we said a prayer on her front porch in the middle of the filthiest part of Bloomsburg. Her house is the nicest house I’ve seen though. She obviously makes good money, but sends it all to her son and ex. She held my hand while she talked to us, and we gave her the bishop’s number so that she could call him and use him as a kind of grief counselor. It was a seriously cool expirience.

I’ve been noticing a lot about miracles these past few weeks. It was a miracle we met Schaefer, who came to church yesterday and whoever the sisters are who come here have an appointment with her on Wednesday. All of our plans fell through that day, and it was so that we would be street contacting at the exact time she would be walking down the street. It was a miracle that we met Caroline. It was a miracle that we were able to not hit that bear, and also not go off the road into a huge ravine in the middle of the pouring rain. A few other little ones, but the point is, it has just been amazing.

Anyway, I’ll stop so it doesn’t take you an hour to read this.

The Mormon Message of the week is called A Book of Mormon Story. I really love the power that the bishop has just in his voice and in his testimony as he talks about the Book of Mormon. It was really well done. Plus, his accent is SO COOL.

Try not to laugh too hard at the pictures of me IN A DRYER. That is a long story, but, it is a story for another time. OR the pictures of Sis A enduring the dog.

Also, I would like to express my thanks to Aunt Janai for those colored pens. They have SAVED MY SANITY. When I read my notes/planner/journal I do not want to kill myself. So thank you 🙂

I love you!!

x Sister Roberts x

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