Stupid Humidity

Hi from O-hi-o!! (cheesy, but I had to ;))

This week was slow, and we did a lot of tracting in the humid, sticky, FILTHY heat. I really think I might hate humidity more than tomatoes. Spiders are still worse though, so it goes spiders, humidity, tomatoes on my list of things I hate. Luckily this ancient old lady invited us in for some water because her daughter in law and all her grandkids are Mormon, and she “really comends our efforts”. Didn’t want to learn more though. Darn.

My companion is constantly telling me that she wishes we could be companions for our entire mission. I asked her why, and she said, “I will never have another companion as interesting as you.” I didn’t know whether or not to be offended, but I decided not to be because she said she wished we could be companions our entire mission, so its a GOOD interesting ;). I’m sure you all know what she’s talking about. Haha.

I’m having a hard time remembering what I’ve already told you, so sorry if I repeat things, or explain who someone is when I’ve already told you about them before!

We taught our investigator Tami the 15 steps to quit smoking program, and so far she is doing great! We are teaching her how to do FHE tonight to get her mind off smoking, so wish us luck!

We also visit a nursing home quite frequently, and I was talking to this way old guy who I noticed had a lot of veteran stuff all over his room. So I asked him about it. I think dad and my guy friends will probably think this is cool, but if you have seen the movie “Band of Brothers”, this guy, Joe Burch, was in the 101st paratrooper unit (squadron thingie? What do you call a unit of paratroopers?). So anyway, I thought that was cool. He told me all about how he lied about his age to get into the army, and he jumped into Normandy in WWII. The community raised enough money to send him back a couple of years ago, and he LOVED it. He was a POW in France for 6 months, and he said it was cool to get to go back and enjoy it. I’m going to get a picture of him, because he is a cool guy, and he looks EXACTLY how I think my best friend Joe Garner is going to look when he is a wrinkly old man (Love ya Joe!).

Anyway, I don’t really have a lot to say today. Its been a long day already, and hasn’t been much of a P-Day because today was the only day one of our sort of investigators could meet. So I’ll end now. Sorry if it was boring!

The pictures: Ya know its humid when your windows have condensation ALL DAY. And we spend Saturday morning helping one of my FAVORITE famillies move to Oklahoma. One is when we were done packing the moving truck, and one is their last Sunday, which was yesterday. I look awful, but who am I trying to impress? God. And guess what? He doesn’t care what I look like.(<<<< that is a bunch of phooey. I'm so embarrassed that I look awful. Oh well.)

I love you guys! Mormon Message of the week is How Do I Love Thee? Its awesome, and its also a Jeffery R. Holland talk.

Hope everyone has a great week. I have really been praying hard for all of you, and I feel your prayers as well, and I really appreciate them.
x Sister Roberts x






Dirty Italians… In a nice way?


Its been another green week in Ohio! It rained for 18 days straight, according to Brother Fink. I actually didn’t notice though, because it rains and then it gets inferno hot/humid and rains and then gets interno hot/humid and repeats, all in one day. So it just felt totally normal to me.

Speaking of Brother Fink. Daddy Patrick, this is for you! We somehow got on the subject of the French, and he told me this really funny joke. Ready?

Why are so many of the streets in Frace lined with trees?

So the Germans can march in the shade!

I’m a missionary, I should be nicer, but I thought you would appreciate that ;).

Anyway. I have a couple of funny things for yall.

First off, I hope you guys think this is as funny as I think it is. I still chuckle every time I think about it. Try this: There is a K-Mart in the mall. Do you realize how redneck it is to have a freaking K-Mart in the MALL??? I seriously can’t get over it. I think its hilarious.

Also. There is this less active we visit in the nursing home. I think I might have told you about her before, her name is Hazel. She is totally a hoot. After our lesson, we usually sit and chat for a few minutes because she is lonely. So, the other day, somehow we got talking about neighbors she’s had in the past, and apparently one of them had been a family of Italians. She, very vehemently, says “Italians are so dirty” and proceeds to tell us all about how dirty and filthy all Italians are. And ends with, “but, in a nice way.” I don’t know if she meant they are dirty in a nice way, or she meant to say it in a nice way. I didn’t ask her to clarify, I was trying too hard not to giggle my head off. Yeah daddy, you’re right that old people are like little kids in the fact that they say the darndest things!! After that, we had a very nice discussion about which nationalities are dirty and which ones value cleanliness. Great thing to talk about.

I like how all of my funny stories are about old ladies saying wildly inappropriate things.

Anyway. I told you about Louis the hilarious artist with PTSD. He GAVE ME A PAINTING. It is now my goal to meet an artist in every area I serve in and somehow obtain a painting by them, because was given a painting from a lady in my last area as well. The one he gave me is absolutely gorgeous! He has a real skill in painting landscapes, and this one is a night scene, over a lake. You can tel summer is just transitioning into fall, because some of the leaves are oranges and reds, but most of them are still bright green, and are glowing in such a cool way in the light of the moon. Goodness I love art. The only set back is not I have a huge painting and a medium sized painting to haul around with me at transfers. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I’ll send one next week.

Now on to more spiritual things. I am a missionary after all!

Yesterday we finally got some people to take the sacrament to our less actives that can’t come to church for medical reasons. We went with them so we could introduce Brother Fink and Reid (1st and 2nd counselors in the bishopric. They were the ones who voluteered to bring the sacrament!). It really was such a spiritual expirience to see them get to take the sacrament after YEARS of not being able to. I haven’t seen Clady smile that much since I met her, actually. They were so grateful, and the spirit was so strong in the room every time.

It has also been really cool for me to be able to see God’s hand in the calling of people to serve in the ward. Our bishopric was just redone, and they decided to redo pretty much the entire ward as well. New Young Womens, new Relief Society presidency, etc. Misty Phillips, the one that I was telling yall made me feel like I was at home because her and her family are from Texas, was called to be the new Relief Society president! I have had the opportunity to spend some time talking with her about the ward, and I really don’t think there is any way that wasn’t an inspired decision. She is going to do a lot of good in the ward. Same with the bishopric. It was cool for me to be able to be here so I could see Heavenly Father in action!

And, I finished the Book of Mormon again this morning! Its still true guys!

Mormon Message for the week is Good Things to Come. Jeffery R. Holland is my tied for first favorite with David A. Bednar, and he tells the coolest story in this one.

Pray for me, I have to drive a Subaru! I drove for the first time in months this morning, and I already hate the stupid thing. Never buy a Subaru.

I found Roberts Avenue and took a picture! Pardon how much of a hobo I look like, I was feeling sick and didn’t put makeup on or my contacts in… Beautiful, I know, but hey, ya gotta take a picture with the avenue named after you!Roberts Road

I love you guys, and I hope everyone had/will have an amazing week!

Jesus loves you!

x Sister Roberts x


Hello loves!

I don’t really have a lot to say, its been a pretty slow week…

I do have a couple of funny stories, and some spiritual ones, but I guess that’s what I do every week.

Funny ones first!

We do service twice a week at a nursing home. This past week, there was this way cute little old lady sitting by herself, so I went and sat by her and struck up a conversation. She is a devout Jehovah’s Witness (Question: do they believe in heaven? By the way she was talking I think they might not.) and is a little kooky, but I totally love her. She had polio when she was little, and has had to wear leg braces all her life. But that’s not funny. The funny part is I told her I grew up in New Mexico but I live in Utah. She is really hard of hearing, and she just heard Mexico. But I didn’t have the heart to correct her, because she was so excited to meet a real Mexican! So, excited, in fact, that she yelled really loudly “YOU MEAN I CAN TELL PEOPLE THAT I’VE MET A MEXICAN?!?!” Oh man. It was so funny :).

Also, on the 4th we had to be in by 6 unless we were with a member. We were visiting a less active member named Louis (the Vietnam Veteran) and were fussing about not being able to be out after 6. We didn’t know at the time that a different member was planning on having us over. So they invited us over. So, on the 4th of July, we did what everyone and their dog warned me not to do before I came out: scheduled back to back dinner appointments. Guys, there is a reason that is a thing. I wanted to die by the end of the second one, and when we got home I just laid on the floor for an hour after we were done planning. I testify to you that 2 dinners is a bad thing (haha).

Spiritual ones now!

So we have 1 investigator. Her name is Tami, and I can’t remember if I’ve told yall about her yet. She smokes and her dad is a less active. Anyway, SHE CAME TO CHURCH FOR THE FIRST TIME YESTERDAY!! Sister Draper and her previous comp had been trying to get her to come for MONTHS, and she finally came :). She had a really great experience, especially since it was fast and testimony meeting. But, we talked, and she has agreed to be baptized on the 27th of this month! She has gone from smoking a couple of packs a day to 2 or 3 cigarettes a day, and I’m pretty confident that she can quit at least two weeks before then. So, I’m way excited about that :D.

Another thing that happened at church yesterday. I told nana this, but I love it so I’m going to tell all of you. This twelve year old boy got up to bear his testimony. He was the last one of the meeting. He is really small for his age, but is also way mature for his age. I really think he is also a better missionary than some of the full time missionaries in my mission. But anyway, after telling us about some of his member missionary experiences from the week, his voice started to tremble, and he said “I know I’m small in stature, but spiritually, I am bigger than Goliath.” Oh. My. Heck. This kid. I start to tear up, and the Elders are sitting behind me and they see me wiping my tears and they totally teased me after. But really, this 12 year old is really inspiring, and I love his example to me and the other missionaries in my area.

One last thing, can someone find out what the angel Moroni is made of, who the sculptor is, and where it is cast? Louis would like to know:).

I love you guys, so SO much, and I miss you a ton. The Mormon message for the week is You’re Never Alone. I liked this one a lot because it made me think of you mom :). Its by Elaine Dalton, the former Young Women’s general president. She is totally my hero.

Love you guys, stay strong, and be member missionaries always (except those of you who get this who are full time missionaries, in which case HURRAH FOR ISRAEL)!

x Sister Roberts x

Black Ops for Jesus

How are yins doin?

Its been an okay week, not the best, not the worst. Just really slow mostly.

First off, I would just like to say that I met an Elder from Sanford, Colorado!!! His name is Elder Thomas. I don’t know if the Millers get this email, but if they don’t, someone ask them if they know him! Also, one of the Elders we share the ward with lives in Colorado Springs but visits there all the time because his grandma lives in Manasseh (I have no idea if that’s how you spell it…). His name is Elder Brady. He is supposed to be serving in Brazil, but is serving in the Pittsburgh mission until he gets his visa. He has the best most hilarious stories! I think ya’ll would like him a lot.

Elder Brady is also the one that started the “Black Ops for Jesus” thing. His way of looking at it, is that we are black ops for Jesus in the fact that we tie ourselves to the iron rod, with all of our “serious gear” (Book of Mormon, Bible, pamphlets, Mormon Messages, etc.) and leap out into the mists of darkness, and grab onto someone, and haul ourselves back to the rod and teach them to hold on. Its hilarious/cool to think about. We were all rolling when he first explained this to us.

Couple of other slightly hilarious things..

Our mission presidents wife has asked us to take a vitamin everyday. I stink at remembering, so I wanted to find some way to help myself be excited to take my vitamin. So. I bought Flinstones complete sour gummy vitamins. First off, when they say childproof, they are serious about kids not over-vitamining. Unfortunately, this also means that the bottle is also Sister Roberts proof… So Sister Draper has to take the lid off for me every morning. Its so embarrassing. But, even worse, I was reading the bottle, and realized that I could have two a day instead of just one, so I yell “I’M OVER FOUR YEARS OLD! I CAN HAVE 2 A DAY! YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS.”

Sister Draper threatens to have me committed like twice a day. Its normal.

Also, I had a lady tell me her cat “caught” kitty cat leukemia. And told me she had uvarian cancer, which is not a real cancer… I didn’t ask if it was in her ovaries or her uterus, so I have no idea if it was really ovarian or uteran. But she’s a less active, and she came to church, so that’s awesome!!

Oh, and another lady told us she has a sex demon haunting her… I did not press her for details on that one.

There are a lot of really cool people here. I was a little nervous about how crazy they are (West Virginia, Wild and Wonderful) but I’ve actually grown to love them so much.

We have a less active who doesn’t come to church just because she has too many medical issues and isn’t supposed to leave her apartment, and we go read from the Book of Mormon with her once a week. The cool part is, because she can’t leave the apartment, she reads the Book of Mormon like once a week!! She has mental problems, so she is like a little kid, and LOVES the praise we give her for reading so much. She has a really simple, powerful testimony. Its so cool.

Another lady we visit is in the nursing home up the street. I can’t remember if I already told you about her, but she was an avid mountain climber in her hay day. She has hiked Everest, Kilimanjaro, and across the Appalachians, and even though she’s like a hundred years old she still has the goal to walk across the U.S. She is awesome!! She totally lives for the one day a week we come and teach her a lesson.

We also teach this guy who is WAY less active and his wife, who is investigating. They are the oddest, coolest couple. He is a really hilarious Vietnam Veteran who is an AMAZING painter. He knows a lot about history as well, and we always have good conversations with him even though he won’t sit in for the lessons. He is such an odd duck, totally has PTSD and is a bit of a doomsday prepper. But. To my advantage, because he had a can of green chile for me!! He also told me he would paint me a picture, and I’m trying to decide what I want him to paint for me. I am tempted to tell him to paint me something random, but knowing him he would paint me something WILDLY inappropriate just to be funny. Any suggestions?

His wife does a ton of beadwork, and yesterday when we visited we somehow got on the topic of cancer, and I ended up telling them Emmalee’s story. I told them about how her symbol is a dragonfly, and about how I love the dragonflies here because they make me think of her often. She got up after I told them about Emmalee, and brought me this BEAUTIFUL dragonfly she had made out of beads and wire, and told me that I could have it. Oh, did I tear up over that. I’m sending you guys a picture of it, but it totally doesn’t do it justice.

Anyway, there are tons more things I could tell you, but yall are probably totally bored!!

Mormon Message of the week is called My New Life. Mom, I think you read this lady’s blog. She has such a cool story. And, not surprisingly, I cried.

Also, I would love to get pictures from everyone!! I tape them on my wall to look at while I study 🙂

The pictures I’m sending are of the dragonfly, and a doe and a fawn that were just hanging out in the middle of the street in front of our apartment, and me (and my Dr. Pepper fettish proudly evident) doing this huge puzzle we work on during our free time.

Anyway, I love yins. Hope ya had/will have a good week!! Don’t forget about what I challenged yall to do last week, I want to hear back!!

x Sister Roberts x

P.S. Matthew I got your package!! I wasn’t expecting it at all, and it totally made my day! Thanks for that, and making Brandon write to me :). I’ll write you both back later today!