Black Ops for Jesus

How are yins doin?

Its been an okay week, not the best, not the worst. Just really slow mostly.

First off, I would just like to say that I met an Elder from Sanford, Colorado!!! His name is Elder Thomas. I don’t know if the Millers get this email, but if they don’t, someone ask them if they know him! Also, one of the Elders we share the ward with lives in Colorado Springs but visits there all the time because his grandma lives in Manasseh (I have no idea if that’s how you spell it…). His name is Elder Brady. He is supposed to be serving in Brazil, but is serving in the Pittsburgh mission until he gets his visa. He has the best most hilarious stories! I think ya’ll would like him a lot.

Elder Brady is also the one that started the “Black Ops for Jesus” thing. His way of looking at it, is that we are black ops for Jesus in the fact that we tie ourselves to the iron rod, with all of our “serious gear” (Book of Mormon, Bible, pamphlets, Mormon Messages, etc.) and leap out into the mists of darkness, and grab onto someone, and haul ourselves back to the rod and teach them to hold on. Its hilarious/cool to think about. We were all rolling when he first explained this to us.

Couple of other slightly hilarious things..

Our mission presidents wife has asked us to take a vitamin everyday. I stink at remembering, so I wanted to find some way to help myself be excited to take my vitamin. So. I bought Flinstones complete sour gummy vitamins. First off, when they say childproof, they are serious about kids not over-vitamining. Unfortunately, this also means that the bottle is also Sister Roberts proof… So Sister Draper has to take the lid off for me every morning. Its so embarrassing. But, even worse, I was reading the bottle, and realized that I could have two a day instead of just one, so I yell “I’M OVER FOUR YEARS OLD! I CAN HAVE 2 A DAY! YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS.”

Sister Draper threatens to have me committed like twice a day. Its normal.

Also, I had a lady tell me her cat “caught” kitty cat leukemia. And told me she had uvarian cancer, which is not a real cancer… I didn’t ask if it was in her ovaries or her uterus, so I have no idea if it was really ovarian or uteran. But she’s a less active, and she came to church, so that’s awesome!!

Oh, and another lady told us she has a sex demon haunting her… I did not press her for details on that one.

There are a lot of really cool people here. I was a little nervous about how crazy they are (West Virginia, Wild and Wonderful) but I’ve actually grown to love them so much.

We have a less active who doesn’t come to church just because she has too many medical issues and isn’t supposed to leave her apartment, and we go read from the Book of Mormon with her once a week. The cool part is, because she can’t leave the apartment, she reads the Book of Mormon like once a week!! She has mental problems, so she is like a little kid, and LOVES the praise we give her for reading so much. She has a really simple, powerful testimony. Its so cool.

Another lady we visit is in the nursing home up the street. I can’t remember if I already told you about her, but she was an avid mountain climber in her hay day. She has hiked Everest, Kilimanjaro, and across the Appalachians, and even though she’s like a hundred years old she still has the goal to walk across the U.S. She is awesome!! She totally lives for the one day a week we come and teach her a lesson.

We also teach this guy who is WAY less active and his wife, who is investigating. They are the oddest, coolest couple. He is a really hilarious Vietnam Veteran who is an AMAZING painter. He knows a lot about history as well, and we always have good conversations with him even though he won’t sit in for the lessons. He is such an odd duck, totally has PTSD and is a bit of a doomsday prepper. But. To my advantage, because he had a can of green chile for me!! He also told me he would paint me a picture, and I’m trying to decide what I want him to paint for me. I am tempted to tell him to paint me something random, but knowing him he would paint me something WILDLY inappropriate just to be funny. Any suggestions?

His wife does a ton of beadwork, and yesterday when we visited we somehow got on the topic of cancer, and I ended up telling them Emmalee’s story. I told them about how her symbol is a dragonfly, and about how I love the dragonflies here because they make me think of her often. She got up after I told them about Emmalee, and brought me this BEAUTIFUL dragonfly she had made out of beads and wire, and told me that I could have it. Oh, did I tear up over that. I’m sending you guys a picture of it, but it totally doesn’t do it justice.

Anyway, there are tons more things I could tell you, but yall are probably totally bored!!

Mormon Message of the week is called My New Life. Mom, I think you read this lady’s blog. She has such a cool story. And, not surprisingly, I cried.

Also, I would love to get pictures from everyone!! I tape them on my wall to look at while I study 🙂

The pictures I’m sending are of the dragonfly, and a doe and a fawn that were just hanging out in the middle of the street in front of our apartment, and me (and my Dr. Pepper fettish proudly evident) doing this huge puzzle we work on during our free time.

Anyway, I love yins. Hope ya had/will have a good week!! Don’t forget about what I challenged yall to do last week, I want to hear back!!

x Sister Roberts x

P.S. Matthew I got your package!! I wasn’t expecting it at all, and it totally made my day! Thanks for that, and making Brandon write to me :). I’ll write you both back later today!



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