Dirty Italians… In a nice way?


Its been another green week in Ohio! It rained for 18 days straight, according to Brother Fink. I actually didn’t notice though, because it rains and then it gets inferno hot/humid and rains and then gets interno hot/humid and repeats, all in one day. So it just felt totally normal to me.

Speaking of Brother Fink. Daddy Patrick, this is for you! We somehow got on the subject of the French, and he told me this really funny joke. Ready?

Why are so many of the streets in Frace lined with trees?

So the Germans can march in the shade!

I’m a missionary, I should be nicer, but I thought you would appreciate that ;).

Anyway. I have a couple of funny things for yall.

First off, I hope you guys think this is as funny as I think it is. I still chuckle every time I think about it. Try this: There is a K-Mart in the mall. Do you realize how redneck it is to have a freaking K-Mart in the MALL??? I seriously can’t get over it. I think its hilarious.

Also. There is this less active we visit in the nursing home. I think I might have told you about her before, her name is Hazel. She is totally a hoot. After our lesson, we usually sit and chat for a few minutes because she is lonely. So, the other day, somehow we got talking about neighbors she’s had in the past, and apparently one of them had been a family of Italians. She, very vehemently, says “Italians are so dirty” and proceeds to tell us all about how dirty and filthy all Italians are. And ends with, “but, in a nice way.” I don’t know if she meant they are dirty in a nice way, or she meant to say it in a nice way. I didn’t ask her to clarify, I was trying too hard not to giggle my head off. Yeah daddy, you’re right that old people are like little kids in the fact that they say the darndest things!! After that, we had a very nice discussion about which nationalities are dirty and which ones value cleanliness. Great thing to talk about.

I like how all of my funny stories are about old ladies saying wildly inappropriate things.

Anyway. I told you about Louis the hilarious artist with PTSD. He GAVE ME A PAINTING. It is now my goal to meet an artist in every area I serve in and somehow obtain a painting by them, because was given a painting from a lady in my last area as well. The one he gave me is absolutely gorgeous! He has a real skill in painting landscapes, and this one is a night scene, over a lake. You can tel summer is just transitioning into fall, because some of the leaves are oranges and reds, but most of them are still bright green, and are glowing in such a cool way in the light of the moon. Goodness I love art. The only set back is not I have a huge painting and a medium sized painting to haul around with me at transfers. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I’ll send one next week.

Now on to more spiritual things. I am a missionary after all!

Yesterday we finally got some people to take the sacrament to our less actives that can’t come to church for medical reasons. We went with them so we could introduce Brother Fink and Reid (1st and 2nd counselors in the bishopric. They were the ones who voluteered to bring the sacrament!). It really was such a spiritual expirience to see them get to take the sacrament after YEARS of not being able to. I haven’t seen Clady smile that much since I met her, actually. They were so grateful, and the spirit was so strong in the room every time.

It has also been really cool for me to be able to see God’s hand in the calling of people to serve in the ward. Our bishopric was just redone, and they decided to redo pretty much the entire ward as well. New Young Womens, new Relief Society presidency, etc. Misty Phillips, the one that I was telling yall made me feel like I was at home because her and her family are from Texas, was called to be the new Relief Society president! I have had the opportunity to spend some time talking with her about the ward, and I really don’t think there is any way that wasn’t an inspired decision. She is going to do a lot of good in the ward. Same with the bishopric. It was cool for me to be able to be here so I could see Heavenly Father in action!

And, I finished the Book of Mormon again this morning! Its still true guys!

Mormon Message for the week is Good Things to Come. Jeffery R. Holland is my tied for first favorite with David A. Bednar, and he tells the coolest story in this one.

Pray for me, I have to drive a Subaru! I drove for the first time in months this morning, and I already hate the stupid thing. Never buy a Subaru.

I found Roberts Avenue and took a picture! Pardon how much of a hobo I look like, I was feeling sick and didn’t put makeup on or my contacts in… Beautiful, I know, but hey, ya gotta take a picture with the avenue named after you!Roberts Road

I love you guys, and I hope everyone had/will have an amazing week!

Jesus loves you!

x Sister Roberts x

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