Stupid Humidity

Hi from O-hi-o!! (cheesy, but I had to ;))

This week was slow, and we did a lot of tracting in the humid, sticky, FILTHY heat. I really think I might hate humidity more than tomatoes. Spiders are still worse though, so it goes spiders, humidity, tomatoes on my list of things I hate. Luckily this ancient old lady invited us in for some water because her daughter in law and all her grandkids are Mormon, and she “really comends our efforts”. Didn’t want to learn more though. Darn.

My companion is constantly telling me that she wishes we could be companions for our entire mission. I asked her why, and she said, “I will never have another companion as interesting as you.” I didn’t know whether or not to be offended, but I decided not to be because she said she wished we could be companions our entire mission, so its a GOOD interesting ;). I’m sure you all know what she’s talking about. Haha.

I’m having a hard time remembering what I’ve already told you, so sorry if I repeat things, or explain who someone is when I’ve already told you about them before!

We taught our investigator Tami the 15 steps to quit smoking program, and so far she is doing great! We are teaching her how to do FHE tonight to get her mind off smoking, so wish us luck!

We also visit a nursing home quite frequently, and I was talking to this way old guy who I noticed had a lot of veteran stuff all over his room. So I asked him about it. I think dad and my guy friends will probably think this is cool, but if you have seen the movie “Band of Brothers”, this guy, Joe Burch, was in the 101st paratrooper unit (squadron thingie? What do you call a unit of paratroopers?). So anyway, I thought that was cool. He told me all about how he lied about his age to get into the army, and he jumped into Normandy in WWII. The community raised enough money to send him back a couple of years ago, and he LOVED it. He was a POW in France for 6 months, and he said it was cool to get to go back and enjoy it. I’m going to get a picture of him, because he is a cool guy, and he looks EXACTLY how I think my best friend Joe Garner is going to look when he is a wrinkly old man (Love ya Joe!).

Anyway, I don’t really have a lot to say today. Its been a long day already, and hasn’t been much of a P-Day because today was the only day one of our sort of investigators could meet. So I’ll end now. Sorry if it was boring!

The pictures: Ya know its humid when your windows have condensation ALL DAY. And we spend Saturday morning helping one of my FAVORITE famillies move to Oklahoma. One is when we were done packing the moving truck, and one is their last Sunday, which was yesterday. I look awful, but who am I trying to impress? God. And guess what? He doesn’t care what I look like.(<<<< that is a bunch of phooey. I'm so embarrassed that I look awful. Oh well.)

I love you guys! Mormon Message of the week is How Do I Love Thee? Its awesome, and its also a Jeffery R. Holland talk.

Hope everyone has a great week. I have really been praying hard for all of you, and I feel your prayers as well, and I really appreciate them.
x Sister Roberts x





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