Louis is my favorite :)

sis nay and robHey guys!

This week… has been pretty awesome!

It started off a little rocky, because I had a migraine and had to stay in for half of a day. It sucked really bad.

But once I recovered, our week turned out really well.

Sister Nay and I have continued to get along really well, and I’m way excited that we have. We don’t really have a lot in common, but I think the stuff she likes is cool, and she thinks the stuff I like is cool, and we learn from each other all the time. Such a great companionship. And, she is developing a nice sense of humor too :).

I also made my Nutella cheesecake for Elder Rasmussen’s birthday, and we sang happy birthday in the middle of the Arby’s. It was awesome :). Its hard to believe my birthday is next month!!! I’m pretty excited. I told Sister Nay that I am going to be fussy and have a birthday WEEK instead of just a birth DAY.

We had two pretty awesome lessons with two of our investigators this week, and we were able to discern their needs and help resolve their concerns, so that was way awesome! And, we got Louis (the less active, eccentric, AWESOME painter with PTSD) to sit in on his wife’s lesson (she’s one of the investigators) and he was able to help us resolve her concern as well. I didn’t even think he had a testimony, and yet there he was, testifying his face off to her. I was SO PROUD, I felt like crying of happiness! (Let’s be honest, I did cry of happiness). He told us he has been reading the Book of Mormon every night since I asked him to a couple of weeks ago, and its been helping him get through some tough things they’ve been going through. And he calls me Babydoll instead of Sister Roberts, which makes me smile :D. THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE. And he also said to say:

“Thank you so much to Sister Roberts’s Pop for finding that article on the Angel Moroni for me. It was phenomenal, and answered all of my questions.”

I don’t really have much more time, so I’ll end there for now.

Mormon Message of the week: Two Brothers Apart. I don’t know why I loved that so much, but I totally think its in my top 5 now.

I love you so much, and remember:

The Church is true, the book is blue, Jesus loves you, and I do too!

x Sister Roberts x


Great Week!

Hey all!!

How’s it going?? So much happened this week, I’m so excited to tell you all!!

First off. I am SO PROUD of Sister Nay. She said something sarcastic this morning!!! I almost died from the proud swelling in my heart. When I got all excited about it, she blushed (totally adorable) and told me I was rubbing off on her. Yesssssssss.

Also, it has been totally bothering me that I couldn’t figure out which Disney character my investigator’s dad reminds me of, and the second we left Sis N’s first time meeting them, she goes “Does he remind you of the cyborg pirate from Treasure Planet?” and I said “YES!!! THANK YOU!!! I’ve been trying to think of that FOREVER.” So yeah. It was an awesome/awkward moment of revelation for me.

Clady’s funeral was last Tuesday. I was pretty culture shocked. She was black, and the ONLY Mormon in her entire clan, so let me just say: black people know how to hold a funeral service. So, our brand new, really young, kind of dorky bishop gave a “sermon” or whatever you want to call it, and the whole time, people kept saying stuff like “Mmmmmmmmmm-hm” and “You know that’s right”, and “AYMEN”. Oh man, the bishop did NOT know how to handle it. At first it was really awkward, because he would pause after someone would say something like that, but then, he would get really into it and start gaining momentum. Oh, I spent more time trying not to giggle than crying. I went in there prepared to cry my eyes out like I did when they turned off her ventilator. But, I think Clady really would have appreciated the contrast :). She was DEFINITELY laughing her head off in heaven right there with me.

Also, if anyone ever visits the east coast, do NOT ask the locals where a good place to eat is. They will send you to a place like Mehlman’s Cafeteria, which basically was true to its name, and it was cafeteria food, only the kind they give old people in nursing homes instead of school food. Seriously, the whole time I was like “For real??” I want to ask the person who told us to eat there if they sent us there as a joke, but also I don’t want to at the same time in case they really do like that food. Whateva.

So, spiritual experiences.

We usually go read the Book of Mormon once a week with a less active. When we first started visiting her, she would NOT pray in front of people, and only read because it meant we would come over. But in the past couple of weeks, she has been showing some real progress. Wednesday night is usually when we go over, and last Wed, she was in kind of a bad mood, and told us she wasn’t in the mood to read, etc. I told her we would just do one teeny chapter, and see if it made her feel better, and if it didn’t, we would stop for the night. I asked her if she would say the opening prayer, like I usually do, and she said no, like she usually does. So I said it, and we started reading like normal. When we finished that chapter, she told us she guessed we could read a couple more chapters, and when we finished those, she looked up at me and said, “I need to pray, don’t I?” Oh I was so proud!!!! I told her she did, because sometimes the times we need to pray the most are when we don’t feel like praying. And then she said one of the best prayers EVER. And then the other day, she texted us and told us she thew away all of her tea!!! So she is completely following the Word of Wisdom now :).

Also, one of our investigators, Kurt, we thought we were going to have to drop randomly decided he needed to start keeping commitments, so we don’t have to drop him anymore!! He is listening to the Book of Mormon, watching conference talks, and reading all the pamphlets we’ve left with him so far. I am so proud of him too. The work is progressing, and I’m so happy!!!!

So yeah, you could say we’ve had a great week 🙂

Good luck to Tara on her first day of middle school, Dillon on his first day of high school, and Kayla the rain on her first day of SENIOIR YEAR. Have a blast guys!! My siblings are growing up without me!!!

Mormon message for the week is mostly directed at my boys this week (Dillon, Parker and Kale, etc) Its called A Work in Progress. Its a Youth Mormon Message.

Hope you guys had as great a week as I did, and that this next one will be equally as awesome!!

Jesus loves you, and so do I!
x Sister Roberts x

Clady McGhee

Hey yall!

This week. Was sad/good.

I don’t remember if I have told you about Clady McGhee in previous emails, but she was a lady that we visited a lot and got really close to.

She passed away on Thursday, and I am having a really hard time with that :(. Her funeral is tomorrow. I’m going to miss her so much.

Also, I had to say goodbye to Sister Draper. I got a new companion, her name is Sister Nay, and she is waiting for her visa to go to Brazil on her mission. She is from Tucson, Arizona, and is very much a “Molly Mormon”. She was really shy at first, but has really opened up and is a really cool girl! She plays the French horn, and is OBSESSED with music, especially symphonies and orchestra and classical music. We have had some cool discussions about that. I haven’t really ever been into that kind of stuff, but she has some good stuff!

I am not “officially” training her, but as she is greener than the trees, I am pretty much training her. She is a very good missionary and I’m excited to have her. She is teaching me Portuguese, because it helps her remember it to teach it to someone else, so that has been fun! And she prays in Portuguese, and translates it for me, so her prayers last forever. Haha. I love it though! Te-amo!

So, since I am the senior companion, I am in charge of the area, and its stressing me out!! I love it though, and have had to rely on Heavenly Father to guide me so much more than before! Lots trial and error, but everything is going great! I love being here, and I love being able to implement the ideas that I’ve had since I got here, but didn’t voice because I was the junior companion and a greenie to boot. But, call me greenie no more! Yessss.

Thank you, Nana and Pop, for finding that article on the angel Moroni sculptures for me!! I really appreciate it!

So this week, we had a lot of figuring out to do, so I only have a couple of funny stories.

Sister Nay is very precious and naïve. So, my sense of humor totally goes over her head most of the time, which makes it even funnier. So, we were driving in the car looking for less actives in an area I hadn’t been to before, and it was pretty run down and redneck looking.

Me: Can you hear the banjo yet?

Sis Nay: No?!?!?!?!?!?!? Where??

(turns off the music, and listens really hard, but can’t hear the “banjo” over me laughing my head off.)

Same day, different area. We were way out in the country side, trying to coax the Lord’s car down a steep and bumpy gravel road. All of a sudden, this herd of dogs runs out in front of the car, and luckily I was already going slow or I would have taken a couple out. We could not figure out how to get the dogs to move so we could continue. I tried revving the engine, rolling forward and bumping them with the car and everything. I rolled the window down to see if they were nice, and they totally were, so I had Sister Nay get out and try and herd them into their yard. The events that ensued were totally priceless.

So of course the dogs swarm Sister Nay, and are jumping up on her with muddy paws and making a huge ruckus. She does this weird scoot thingie to keep them off of her, and they eventually make it to the side of the road. I drive a ways down the road, and roll the window down and holler at her to come down and get back in the car. But, they follow her down the road. So it was like 10 minutes of her yelling “SIT” and “STAY” and throwing sticks and stuff. Oh, I was dying, I literally had tears in my eyes (Don’t worry, I didn’t start sobbing like the Nacho Libre incident ;)). Oh man. Eventually, she gave up and got in the car, covered with muddy paw prints and giggling like a mad woman at how hard I was laughing. I just floored it down the road before the dogs could get in front of the car again, and they chased for a while but gave up after a mile or so.

That’s all I got for the week, other that slammed doors and “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Catholic”.

Mormon message for the week: Men’s Hearts Shall Fail Them.

I’m running out of time, but I’ll try and send pictures real quick in a second.

Love you guys!

x Sister Roberts x

Joe the paratrooper

Joe the paratrooper

Hazel Mckeever

Hazel Mckeever

Elder Brady

Elder Brady

Sister Draper

Sister Draper

Sister Nay

Sister Nay

Wild Dreams

Hey guys!!

This week has been great! Lots of great expiriences.

First off. Tomorrow is transfers, but I will be staying here in Ohio. Sadly, we will be losing my comp, Sister Draper, and Elder Brady :(. I’m going to miss them both a TON. Also, I’M FINALLY DONE TRAINING! I’m so happy about that, you have no idea. I’m a normal missionary now! No one can call me greenie anymore! Wooooooooooo.

As always, I’ll do the funny stuff first and the good spiritual stuff last.

So our investigator, Tammy, has been really struggling to quit smoking. She has a great testimony, and really wants to be baptized, but just can’t kick this habit! But, yesterday when we called her to make our daily contact, she told me she had a dream. She said she was sitting on her porch smoking, and I came up and she heard my voice perfectly saying “Tammy….” in my really maternal disappointed/devastated voice I have to use with her a lot. And then I KILLED HER. Hahah. I told her that it was God telling her I would kick her hiney if she smoked again. And she said she knew that, and that He was telling her to quit already too! So hopefully that will give her some motivation.

Also, I don’t know if you have ever heard a carbon monoxide alarm go off… but its loud and shrill and headache inducing. Ours was out of batteries so it started going off a couple of days ago, and goes off every once and a while still. Interestingly, I SLEPT THROUGH IT GOING OFF the other night! Proof that God cares enough about me to make me sleep like a rock on my mission, because Sister Draper snores like a pig with a cold too. And I was a light sleeper pre-mish. So that is a blessing right there!

That wasn’t really that funny. You had to have been there…

But this week, we had a really great lesson with Louis’s wife Susan. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. I wasn’t here yet when Draper and her last comp taught the first lesson, but Draper told me she had a hard time believing in modern day prophets, and was really bold in her questions and stuff. But she committed to read the Book of Mormon. She has been reading, but hasn’t really been understanding a whole lot of what she reads, so we have just been reading the BoM with her and explaining it. But this time we felt we should teach the Plan of Salvation. She was much more receptive to that, and she even took notes! I really feel like the BoM and our lessons with her, and also her praying and reading on her own have done so much to soften her heart. She was still a little wary because she had never heard anything like the Plan of Salvation before, but was willing to research it in the BoM and pray about it. She also got really emotional when we talked about the Atonement. She said she had never thought about it in the way that we taught it, but that it made a lot of sense. I’m so excited for her!

Speaking of Louis though, has anyone had any luck on finding out who the sculptor of the angel Moroni is, or where it is cast and what it is made of?

Another great experience we had was with our less active, Heather. She was adamant about not praying in front of people, and only read the BoM because it meant that we would come and visit her. But Saturday night, she told us that she wanted to start trying to pray in front of us, and that she could feel the difference the BoM was making in her life! I was so relieved that she said that, because we have been thinking we were going to have to drop her because she wasn’t progressing. It was so awesome!

One last thing. This less active, Clady, that we go see all the time has been in the hospital. She thinks of us as daughters or granddaughters, and I really have come to love her as a grandmotherly figure. She called us earlier in the week to tell us she was in the hospital. And yesterday, she had to go to the ICU because all of her veins and tendons in her left shoulder/arm collapsed. She is really down in the dumps, and is feeling miserable, also because her trach is falling out and they had to replace it, and they put the wrong one in so it was hurting her and they didn’t have the right trach tube so they had to order one. It was a really great, special experience to be able to be there while the Elders gave her a blessing. And we get to be there when they give her another one tonight. Pray for her for me, will you guys??

I better end there. I love all of you so much! Mormon Message of the week is called Create. So cool to think about!

The pictures are of my current district at our last lunch together before we all get split up, and then just a silly one of Sister Draper and I being sad that she is being transferred, and a picture of us and Clady wearing her reading glasses.

I hope all of you are having a good week, and will continue to have one as well. I love and miss you, and pray for you often! Keep the Lord in your thoughts at all times, and watch the blessings that come from that!
x Sister Roberts x