Wild Dreams

Hey guys!!

This week has been great! Lots of great expiriences.

First off. Tomorrow is transfers, but I will be staying here in Ohio. Sadly, we will be losing my comp, Sister Draper, and Elder Brady :(. I’m going to miss them both a TON. Also, I’M FINALLY DONE TRAINING! I’m so happy about that, you have no idea. I’m a normal missionary now! No one can call me greenie anymore! Wooooooooooo.

As always, I’ll do the funny stuff first and the good spiritual stuff last.

So our investigator, Tammy, has been really struggling to quit smoking. She has a great testimony, and really wants to be baptized, but just can’t kick this habit! But, yesterday when we called her to make our daily contact, she told me she had a dream. She said she was sitting on her porch smoking, and I came up and she heard my voice perfectly saying “Tammy….” in my really maternal disappointed/devastated voice I have to use with her a lot. And then I KILLED HER. Hahah. I told her that it was God telling her I would kick her hiney if she smoked again. And she said she knew that, and that He was telling her to quit already too! So hopefully that will give her some motivation.

Also, I don’t know if you have ever heard a carbon monoxide alarm go off… but its loud and shrill and headache inducing. Ours was out of batteries so it started going off a couple of days ago, and goes off every once and a while still. Interestingly, I SLEPT THROUGH IT GOING OFF the other night! Proof that God cares enough about me to make me sleep like a rock on my mission, because Sister Draper snores like a pig with a cold too. And I was a light sleeper pre-mish. So that is a blessing right there!

That wasn’t really that funny. You had to have been there…

But this week, we had a really great lesson with Louis’s wife Susan. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. I wasn’t here yet when Draper and her last comp taught the first lesson, but Draper told me she had a hard time believing in modern day prophets, and was really bold in her questions and stuff. But she committed to read the Book of Mormon. She has been reading, but hasn’t really been understanding a whole lot of what she reads, so we have just been reading the BoM with her and explaining it. But this time we felt we should teach the Plan of Salvation. She was much more receptive to that, and she even took notes! I really feel like the BoM and our lessons with her, and also her praying and reading on her own have done so much to soften her heart. She was still a little wary because she had never heard anything like the Plan of Salvation before, but was willing to research it in the BoM and pray about it. She also got really emotional when we talked about the Atonement. She said she had never thought about it in the way that we taught it, but that it made a lot of sense. I’m so excited for her!

Speaking of Louis though, has anyone had any luck on finding out who the sculptor of the angel Moroni is, or where it is cast and what it is made of?

Another great experience we had was with our less active, Heather. She was adamant about not praying in front of people, and only read the BoM because it meant that we would come and visit her. But Saturday night, she told us that she wanted to start trying to pray in front of us, and that she could feel the difference the BoM was making in her life! I was so relieved that she said that, because we have been thinking we were going to have to drop her because she wasn’t progressing. It was so awesome!

One last thing. This less active, Clady, that we go see all the time has been in the hospital. She thinks of us as daughters or granddaughters, and I really have come to love her as a grandmotherly figure. She called us earlier in the week to tell us she was in the hospital. And yesterday, she had to go to the ICU because all of her veins and tendons in her left shoulder/arm collapsed. She is really down in the dumps, and is feeling miserable, also because her trach is falling out and they had to replace it, and they put the wrong one in so it was hurting her and they didn’t have the right trach tube so they had to order one. It was a really great, special experience to be able to be there while the Elders gave her a blessing. And we get to be there when they give her another one tonight. Pray for her for me, will you guys??

I better end there. I love all of you so much! Mormon Message of the week is called Create. So cool to think about!

The pictures are of my current district at our last lunch together before we all get split up, and then just a silly one of Sister Draper and I being sad that she is being transferred, and a picture of us and Clady wearing her reading glasses.

I hope all of you are having a good week, and will continue to have one as well. I love and miss you, and pray for you often! Keep the Lord in your thoughts at all times, and watch the blessings that come from that!
x Sister Roberts x




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