Clady McGhee

Hey yall!

This week. Was sad/good.

I don’t remember if I have told you about Clady McGhee in previous emails, but she was a lady that we visited a lot and got really close to.

She passed away on Thursday, and I am having a really hard time with that :(. Her funeral is tomorrow. I’m going to miss her so much.

Also, I had to say goodbye to Sister Draper. I got a new companion, her name is Sister Nay, and she is waiting for her visa to go to Brazil on her mission. She is from Tucson, Arizona, and is very much a “Molly Mormon”. She was really shy at first, but has really opened up and is a really cool girl! She plays the French horn, and is OBSESSED with music, especially symphonies and orchestra and classical music. We have had some cool discussions about that. I haven’t really ever been into that kind of stuff, but she has some good stuff!

I am not “officially” training her, but as she is greener than the trees, I am pretty much training her. She is a very good missionary and I’m excited to have her. She is teaching me Portuguese, because it helps her remember it to teach it to someone else, so that has been fun! And she prays in Portuguese, and translates it for me, so her prayers last forever. Haha. I love it though! Te-amo!

So, since I am the senior companion, I am in charge of the area, and its stressing me out!! I love it though, and have had to rely on Heavenly Father to guide me so much more than before! Lots trial and error, but everything is going great! I love being here, and I love being able to implement the ideas that I’ve had since I got here, but didn’t voice because I was the junior companion and a greenie to boot. But, call me greenie no more! Yessss.

Thank you, Nana and Pop, for finding that article on the angel Moroni sculptures for me!! I really appreciate it!

So this week, we had a lot of figuring out to do, so I only have a couple of funny stories.

Sister Nay is very precious and naïve. So, my sense of humor totally goes over her head most of the time, which makes it even funnier. So, we were driving in the car looking for less actives in an area I hadn’t been to before, and it was pretty run down and redneck looking.

Me: Can you hear the banjo yet?

Sis Nay: No?!?!?!?!?!?!? Where??

(turns off the music, and listens really hard, but can’t hear the “banjo” over me laughing my head off.)

Same day, different area. We were way out in the country side, trying to coax the Lord’s car down a steep and bumpy gravel road. All of a sudden, this herd of dogs runs out in front of the car, and luckily I was already going slow or I would have taken a couple out. We could not figure out how to get the dogs to move so we could continue. I tried revving the engine, rolling forward and bumping them with the car and everything. I rolled the window down to see if they were nice, and they totally were, so I had Sister Nay get out and try and herd them into their yard. The events that ensued were totally priceless.

So of course the dogs swarm Sister Nay, and are jumping up on her with muddy paws and making a huge ruckus. She does this weird scoot thingie to keep them off of her, and they eventually make it to the side of the road. I drive a ways down the road, and roll the window down and holler at her to come down and get back in the car. But, they follow her down the road. So it was like 10 minutes of her yelling “SIT” and “STAY” and throwing sticks and stuff. Oh, I was dying, I literally had tears in my eyes (Don’t worry, I didn’t start sobbing like the Nacho Libre incident ;)). Oh man. Eventually, she gave up and got in the car, covered with muddy paw prints and giggling like a mad woman at how hard I was laughing. I just floored it down the road before the dogs could get in front of the car again, and they chased for a while but gave up after a mile or so.

That’s all I got for the week, other that slammed doors and “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Catholic”.

Mormon message for the week: Men’s Hearts Shall Fail Them.

I’m running out of time, but I’ll try and send pictures real quick in a second.

Love you guys!

x Sister Roberts x

Joe the paratrooper

Joe the paratrooper

Hazel Mckeever

Hazel Mckeever

Elder Brady

Elder Brady

Sister Draper

Sister Draper

Sister Nay

Sister Nay

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