Great Week!

Hey all!!

How’s it going?? So much happened this week, I’m so excited to tell you all!!

First off. I am SO PROUD of Sister Nay. She said something sarcastic this morning!!! I almost died from the proud swelling in my heart. When I got all excited about it, she blushed (totally adorable) and told me I was rubbing off on her. Yesssssssss.

Also, it has been totally bothering me that I couldn’t figure out which Disney character my investigator’s dad reminds me of, and the second we left Sis N’s first time meeting them, she goes “Does he remind you of the cyborg pirate from Treasure Planet?” and I said “YES!!! THANK YOU!!! I’ve been trying to think of that FOREVER.” So yeah. It was an awesome/awkward moment of revelation for me.

Clady’s funeral was last Tuesday. I was pretty culture shocked. She was black, and the ONLY Mormon in her entire clan, so let me just say: black people know how to hold a funeral service. So, our brand new, really young, kind of dorky bishop gave a “sermon” or whatever you want to call it, and the whole time, people kept saying stuff like “Mmmmmmmmmm-hm” and “You know that’s right”, and “AYMEN”. Oh man, the bishop did NOT know how to handle it. At first it was really awkward, because he would pause after someone would say something like that, but then, he would get really into it and start gaining momentum. Oh, I spent more time trying not to giggle than crying. I went in there prepared to cry my eyes out like I did when they turned off her ventilator. But, I think Clady really would have appreciated the contrast :). She was DEFINITELY laughing her head off in heaven right there with me.

Also, if anyone ever visits the east coast, do NOT ask the locals where a good place to eat is. They will send you to a place like Mehlman’s Cafeteria, which basically was true to its name, and it was cafeteria food, only the kind they give old people in nursing homes instead of school food. Seriously, the whole time I was like “For real??” I want to ask the person who told us to eat there if they sent us there as a joke, but also I don’t want to at the same time in case they really do like that food. Whateva.

So, spiritual experiences.

We usually go read the Book of Mormon once a week with a less active. When we first started visiting her, she would NOT pray in front of people, and only read because it meant we would come over. But in the past couple of weeks, she has been showing some real progress. Wednesday night is usually when we go over, and last Wed, she was in kind of a bad mood, and told us she wasn’t in the mood to read, etc. I told her we would just do one teeny chapter, and see if it made her feel better, and if it didn’t, we would stop for the night. I asked her if she would say the opening prayer, like I usually do, and she said no, like she usually does. So I said it, and we started reading like normal. When we finished that chapter, she told us she guessed we could read a couple more chapters, and when we finished those, she looked up at me and said, “I need to pray, don’t I?” Oh I was so proud!!!! I told her she did, because sometimes the times we need to pray the most are when we don’t feel like praying. And then she said one of the best prayers EVER. And then the other day, she texted us and told us she thew away all of her tea!!! So she is completely following the Word of Wisdom now :).

Also, one of our investigators, Kurt, we thought we were going to have to drop randomly decided he needed to start keeping commitments, so we don’t have to drop him anymore!! He is listening to the Book of Mormon, watching conference talks, and reading all the pamphlets we’ve left with him so far. I am so proud of him too. The work is progressing, and I’m so happy!!!!

So yeah, you could say we’ve had a great week 🙂

Good luck to Tara on her first day of middle school, Dillon on his first day of high school, and Kayla the rain on her first day of SENIOIR YEAR. Have a blast guys!! My siblings are growing up without me!!!

Mormon message for the week is mostly directed at my boys this week (Dillon, Parker and Kale, etc) Its called A Work in Progress. Its a Youth Mormon Message.

Hope you guys had as great a week as I did, and that this next one will be equally as awesome!!

Jesus loves you, and so do I!
x Sister Roberts x

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