Louis is my favorite :)

sis nay and robHey guys!

This week… has been pretty awesome!

It started off a little rocky, because I had a migraine and had to stay in for half of a day. It sucked really bad.

But once I recovered, our week turned out really well.

Sister Nay and I have continued to get along really well, and I’m way excited that we have. We don’t really have a lot in common, but I think the stuff she likes is cool, and she thinks the stuff I like is cool, and we learn from each other all the time. Such a great companionship. And, she is developing a nice sense of humor too :).

I also made my Nutella cheesecake for Elder Rasmussen’s birthday, and we sang happy birthday in the middle of the Arby’s. It was awesome :). Its hard to believe my birthday is next month!!! I’m pretty excited. I told Sister Nay that I am going to be fussy and have a birthday WEEK instead of just a birth DAY.

We had two pretty awesome lessons with two of our investigators this week, and we were able to discern their needs and help resolve their concerns, so that was way awesome! And, we got Louis (the less active, eccentric, AWESOME painter with PTSD) to sit in on his wife’s lesson (she’s one of the investigators) and he was able to help us resolve her concern as well. I didn’t even think he had a testimony, and yet there he was, testifying his face off to her. I was SO PROUD, I felt like crying of happiness! (Let’s be honest, I did cry of happiness). He told us he has been reading the Book of Mormon every night since I asked him to a couple of weeks ago, and its been helping him get through some tough things they’ve been going through. And he calls me Babydoll instead of Sister Roberts, which makes me smile :D. THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE. And he also said to say:

“Thank you so much to Sister Roberts’s Pop for finding that article on the Angel Moroni for me. It was phenomenal, and answered all of my questions.”

I don’t really have much more time, so I’ll end there for now.

Mormon Message of the week: Two Brothers Apart. I don’t know why I loved that so much, but I totally think its in my top 5 now.

I love you so much, and remember:

The Church is true, the book is blue, Jesus loves you, and I do too!

x Sister Roberts x

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