Mission Birthdays are the BEST!

Hey everyone!

Be prepared to be bombarded with pictures! This week was so awesome, it had to be photo documented :).

I don’t even know where to start!!

Prolly at the beginning. Okay.

So Monday, we went and taught our investigator Kurt whose wife and stepson are members. When I first got to this area about three and a half months ago, the first thing I ever taught him was the word of wisdom. He wasn’t too thrilled about the coffee and beer thing. He is way into the NFL, and his team is the Seattle Seahawks. Apparently he was incapable of even THINKING of watching a game without drinking beer. I challenged him to try one football game without drinking a beer and see how he felt, and then over the past months completely forgot about it. Well the season started, and on Monday he told me that he has gone TWO GAMES without drinking beer, and he liked it, so he is going to try the whole season without drinking beer!!!!!!!! OH MY FREAKING HECK!! And they rememered my birthday, and they know I hate fish, so they played a mean joke on me, and told me that they thought I needed to learn how to like fish, so they made it for our dinner. And I opened the pot and it was Swedish Fish and Goldfish (which are totally edible forms of fish :)). Oh my heck they scared me so bad haha.

And then Wednesday was my BIRTHDAY!!!! WOOOOOOOO!! I love mission birthdays. Oh my word. Somehow, everyone found out it was my birhtday (gee, I wonder who told them *cough Sister Nay cough*. The Crosbys made me brownies, and invited us over to teach a lesson so I could eat them on my birthday. Man, they are never going to be reactivated, but they sure love me and know how to make me feel special!! She made me a beautiful tree of life necklace out of garnets.

And then Wednesday night we went up to a different area to talk to the Young Women up there about serving missions. They are in our District Leader’s area, so when he called to get our weekly numbers yesterday he told us they went in to Young Women’s at church and asked how it went, and they LOVED us, and then he asked how many wanted to go on missions now and THEY ALL RAISED THEIR HANDS.

And then we taught our new investigator from last week the 2nd lesson, and she loved the Plan of Salvation, and will be coming to church from now on.

And then yesterday at church, Kurt came BY HIMSELF even though he was in a lot of pain, his wife and stepson were sick, and it was a football day. And, his one hangup since I started teaching him has been prayer, and he told us yesterday at church HE PRAYED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE. Let’s just say, there was one weepy sister and two befuddled sisters in the bathroom after that little announcement.

Guys. I love being a missionary. So much.

This week has been so great, and such a testimony building week for me. I especially know that obedience and prayer and fasting bring so many blessings. I know the scriptures are true. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that Jesus loves me, and God, and that they love you guys too, just as much as I love all of you.

Thank you for all of your prayers. And birthday wishes, oh my word I think the mailman must have thought I was a spoiled brat with all the packages and cards I got. You are all the best :).
x Sister Roberts x



















This week has been totally wild!!! So much has changed/happened!! But I have to be short because I spent all my time talking to my mom and dad :).

First off, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has sent me a birthday package/letter!!! I really appreciate it!! I feel so special, and I truly love being a missionary on my birthday! Even though its on Wed. Haha.

So, I am in a trio now! AND double training, kind of. My new greenie is awesome! Her name is Sister Valikoula, and she is really nice/gangsta. My 2nd Tongan comp! I am 100% sure it is Heavenly Father being hilarious, putting her with the two whitest girls on the east coast. We had a blast decorating her desk with green stuff before she got here.

We also got 2 Mormon.org referrals, which NEVER HAPPENS and I was so excited I was dancing around with Sister Nay, and now I’m sure Sister V thinks her mom is nuts. We went and visited them pronto, and we now have 1 new investigator, and a kinda potential. She requested a missionary visit and was SO GOLDEN the first time we talked to her, but she talked to one of her Mormon friends who is less active and they told her they didn’t think the church was for her. Lets just say, she tried to drop us and I called her and encouraged her to find out for herself, and she said she would think about it. I was really frustrated and discouraged, but after a lot of prayer and trying to cheer up my companions, I felt that Heavenly Father loves her a ton, and her heart will be softened eventually, even if its not while I’m here.

But we did have a really great first lesson with the other one, and she is now a new investigator!! Soooo woooooo!!!! Happy Birthday to me from Heavenly Father!!!

Other than that, this week has been pretty normal. We had a good week number wise, and we had the opportunity to meet with our bishop and talk about our goals for this transfer.

I am so grateful to be a missionary, and I love the focus on member missionary work that has been going on here and also I’ve heard from a lot of you that your Stake Conferences have been centered around that as well!! It really is so cool to be a missionary right now, and to be in the middle of all of this change.

Mormon Message of the week… actually, I decided I would like for you guys to look up your favorite talk from last conference and watch that, in preparation for General Conference!!!

Also, remember one of my favorite scriptures! Alma 37:37

I love you guys, and miss you so much! Have a great week!
x Sister Roberts x






Weird medical issues ensued…

Hola familia/other peeps :).

Its been a wild week! Well, I’ve had weirder, but still.

This week we had a great lesson with our 13 year old recent convert, Austin. We started teaching him in a more interactive way, and he couldn’t stop smiling the whole time! We did a Plan of Salvation scavenger hunt. And his grandpa made us his “world famous” pineapple angel food cake.

We also got to see Heather again, and she is reading the Bible SO FAST. It so cool how fast she reads. She’s reading the BoM and the Bible at the same time too, and she is still going faster than me. We told her that we can do service, so she has been having us cook her dinner for her every time we see her. Haha.

We also have been continuing to help the Finks with their painting. The paint on the ceiling started to peel, apparently because the paint underneath was oil based. So we are scraping it all off and starting over on the ceiling. Their poor parrot doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Which brings us to Friday. The weirdest day EVER. We took longer than usual to weekly plan, so we didn’t finish until about 4, and then we had to leave for dinner with the Vanstones. They are so awesome, they fed us twice in one week. Once on Labor Day and then Friday. She made these AMAZING chili chocolate brownies, to which I am now the proud owner of the recipe for :). We had a really good discussion about prayer, which is one of Brother V’s biggest hangups about getting baptized. It really was awesome.

Then we had to rush to the Boles for their lesson. It went really well, and we discovered that Bro. B doesn’t know really anything about Jesus, so we decided to teach him a few lessons about the life of Christ. Friday we started with his birth. It went really well, but I think he got a little bored because we read out of the scriptures a lot.

On the way home. I’m driving, and suddenly SOMETHING WAS IN MY EYE. I had to drive the 20 minutes home with my eye shut. It was seriously so bad. I took my contacts out when we got home, and tried rising it out with solution and everything, but it wouldn’t come out! Luckily, we have an optometrist in our ward, and she JUST HAPPENED to be in St. Clairsville even though she lives a half hour away, and she came over and had to flip my eyelid inside out and dig whatever it was out with tweezers. Still hurt. She said it would feel better in the morning. It didn’t. I woke up with my eye swollen and gooed shut. Panic ensued. So the past couple of days I haven’t been able to wear makeup or my contacts, which totally sucks, and I suck at eyedrops, and I have to put these really thick eyedrops in 3 times a day that burns really bad and makes my eye produce the wildest gunk… yeah.

I also had the grossest meal of my entire life, much less my mission. it was this steak that did NOT look like steak. It was grayish purple and old, and even though it was mostly cooked, it still had the texture of raw meat. Lets just say, my body still hates me for that one. It feels like its just sitting in my stomach, and my body refuses to acknowledge that it is there. Fun times in Ohio!! I feel so bad for the person who fed us that, it really wasn’t their fault, they just bought it like that. But I got to hold their lovebird!! I got pictures, but they are not available to the general public, as I am not wearing makeup or contacts. But it was so cool :).

Also, transfers are tomorrow! I will be staying here in Ohio, and I’ll be in a trio, double training Sister Nay and whoever my brand new greenie is. I’m so excited!!!

Mormon Message of the week is Waiting on the Road to Damascus. I may have already done that one, I’m having a hard time remembering which ones I’ve told yall to watch and which ones I haven’t. Haha.

Anyway, I love all of you so much, and hope you have had a brain meltingly amazing week!

x Sister Roberts x

Jesus Loves Me

Oi! Tudo bem!!!!!

This week was pretty sweet!!!

First off. I really am having a hard time handling fleas. For real, they are gross. I am very thankful that we don’t have any in our apartment (yet).

Second off, our darling 13 year old recent convert, Austin, said the cutest/most hilarious thing when we were going back through the lessons, and we were on the Restoration. We were watching the Restoration movie, and it was on the part where Joseph is helping his mom water their garden. He asked us what they were doing, so we told him that there weren’t sprinklers back then, so they had to water stuff by hand out of a bucket with a ladle. He was SO confused, and said “Why can’t they just gerryrig a redneck sprinkler?” Oh my heck, that is the hardest I have ever had to try to not laugh.

We also did a lot of tracting in the rain, so I definitely raked in the hot husband points this week! We had a blast, even though we had a scary moment when we tracted into a drug dealer (2nd one on my mission so far). We ended up laughing about it later, because you could tell by the look on his face he thought we were the cops.
And Hazel had another funny moment :). She always forgets that she is 90 years old, and every time we remind her, she freaks out. I was trying to reassure her the other day, and I said “Don’t worry! You don’t look 90!” to which she responded “No, I look about 89.” Oh heck I love that lady.

We also had a really cool expirience with our less active couple as well. We had planned on sharing a dvd with them as their lesson, but… THE DVD WOULDN’T WORK. I was freakin out!!! But Heavenly Father had a different plan for our lesson, and they ended up having a bunch of other gospel movies from past missionaries when they first joined the church. One of them was the Testaments, and I felt like we should watch that. Randy is one we have really been struggling with, and it was definitely divine intervention, because he actually teared up at the end. And asked us if there was a second one. And then we had a really amazing conversation about the life of Jesus Christ. Oh man Jesus TOTALLY loved us that day. The Spirit was so strong, and THEY CAME TO CHURCH THE NEXT DAY. I was seriously so excited.

We also had the opportunity to provide service for the Finks on Saturday. We helped them repaint their kitchen and dining room. I was in charge of painting the brick fireplace.

You guys, brick SUCKS to paint. Not even kidding. I had to do primer and paint, and those two coats were brutal. But I perservered! It only took 12 hours, but I did it!! Lets be honest, though, I still cant feel my arms. Haha.

Anyhoo, I’m running out of time, so I will end there for now.

Mormon Message of the week is Waiting on the Road to Damascus. Very interesting concept that I had never thought of before.

Pardon how gross I look in the pictures, that shirt was like 7 sizes too big, plus it was white. Also, you can see my sweet watch tan!! Haha.

Love ya!
x Sister Roberts x

Just another week on the mish…

Hey yall!!

This week has been pretty slow, not much to report.

We had a pretty awesome lesson with one of the less active couples we’ve been working with. Its really awkward to teach tithing to a poor family, but its great to have the opportunity to bear testimony of the blessings of something that seems so hard. Their dog, Rico, is way cuddly, which I USED to not mind, but this time, as I was rubbing his belly, I discovered a CRAPTON OF FLEAS crawling around, having a grand old time on the poor guy. Luckily, Sister Nay was teaching at the time, and I really tried to hide the fact that I was having a meltdown over the fleas and shoo the dog away from me. You know me, can’t handle bugs. ESPECIALLY ones that bite. Ick. We went straight home and showered and washed our clothes. But it was a really great lesson, and the Spirit was definitely present as we testified.

We had our usual weekly Book of Mormon reading with Heather. She was panicking because she had an apartment inspection the next day, and she had just had surgery on her foot, so she couldn’t clean. So instead of doing our usual 3 chapters, we did one and then Sis N and I cleaned her apartment as much as we could before we had to leave to make curfew. I actually had a blast, even though my job was dishes and I hate dishes. I just sang hymns and primary songs while I washed, and it went by so much faster. I had to laugh at the expression on Heather’s face though. She hates churchy music, but loves me to death, so she didn’t say anything :). Toward the end she was smiling and asking me the names of the hymns though!! So that was awesome. Its so great to see her progress.

Happy 4th Click Day to all my MTC peeps!! 4 months ago Saturday, we were walking into the MTC :). Crazy huh?

Next week is Labor Day, so I may have to email on Tuesday instead. Just a head’s up.

Anyhoo, Mormon Message of the week is Our Temple in the Amazon. Its not on Mormon Channel, its on lds.org. I chose this one in honor of my companionas the temple they are talking about it the one in her mission :).
The pictures are some weird mushrooms we found in our yard, and Elder Smith getting attacked by little kids!

Love you guys!!

x Sister Roberts x
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