Just another week on the mish…

Hey yall!!

This week has been pretty slow, not much to report.

We had a pretty awesome lesson with one of the less active couples we’ve been working with. Its really awkward to teach tithing to a poor family, but its great to have the opportunity to bear testimony of the blessings of something that seems so hard. Their dog, Rico, is way cuddly, which I USED to not mind, but this time, as I was rubbing his belly, I discovered a CRAPTON OF FLEAS crawling around, having a grand old time on the poor guy. Luckily, Sister Nay was teaching at the time, and I really tried to hide the fact that I was having a meltdown over the fleas and shoo the dog away from me. You know me, can’t handle bugs. ESPECIALLY ones that bite. Ick. We went straight home and showered and washed our clothes. But it was a really great lesson, and the Spirit was definitely present as we testified.

We had our usual weekly Book of Mormon reading with Heather. She was panicking because she had an apartment inspection the next day, and she had just had surgery on her foot, so she couldn’t clean. So instead of doing our usual 3 chapters, we did one and then Sis N and I cleaned her apartment as much as we could before we had to leave to make curfew. I actually had a blast, even though my job was dishes and I hate dishes. I just sang hymns and primary songs while I washed, and it went by so much faster. I had to laugh at the expression on Heather’s face though. She hates churchy music, but loves me to death, so she didn’t say anything :). Toward the end she was smiling and asking me the names of the hymns though!! So that was awesome. Its so great to see her progress.

Happy 4th Click Day to all my MTC peeps!! 4 months ago Saturday, we were walking into the MTC :). Crazy huh?

Next week is Labor Day, so I may have to email on Tuesday instead. Just a head’s up.

Anyhoo, Mormon Message of the week is Our Temple in the Amazon. Its not on Mormon Channel, its on lds.org. I chose this one in honor of my companionas the temple they are talking about it the one in her mission :).
The pictures are some weird mushrooms we found in our yard, and Elder Smith getting attacked by little kids!

Love you guys!!

x Sister Roberts x
mish aly 1

mish aly 2

mish aly3

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