Jesus Loves Me

Oi! Tudo bem!!!!!

This week was pretty sweet!!!

First off. I really am having a hard time handling fleas. For real, they are gross. I am very thankful that we don’t have any in our apartment (yet).

Second off, our darling 13 year old recent convert, Austin, said the cutest/most hilarious thing when we were going back through the lessons, and we were on the Restoration. We were watching the Restoration movie, and it was on the part where Joseph is helping his mom water their garden. He asked us what they were doing, so we told him that there weren’t sprinklers back then, so they had to water stuff by hand out of a bucket with a ladle. He was SO confused, and said “Why can’t they just gerryrig a redneck sprinkler?” Oh my heck, that is the hardest I have ever had to try to not laugh.

We also did a lot of tracting in the rain, so I definitely raked in the hot husband points this week! We had a blast, even though we had a scary moment when we tracted into a drug dealer (2nd one on my mission so far). We ended up laughing about it later, because you could tell by the look on his face he thought we were the cops.
And Hazel had another funny moment :). She always forgets that she is 90 years old, and every time we remind her, she freaks out. I was trying to reassure her the other day, and I said “Don’t worry! You don’t look 90!” to which she responded “No, I look about 89.” Oh heck I love that lady.

We also had a really cool expirience with our less active couple as well. We had planned on sharing a dvd with them as their lesson, but… THE DVD WOULDN’T WORK. I was freakin out!!! But Heavenly Father had a different plan for our lesson, and they ended up having a bunch of other gospel movies from past missionaries when they first joined the church. One of them was the Testaments, and I felt like we should watch that. Randy is one we have really been struggling with, and it was definitely divine intervention, because he actually teared up at the end. And asked us if there was a second one. And then we had a really amazing conversation about the life of Jesus Christ. Oh man Jesus TOTALLY loved us that day. The Spirit was so strong, and THEY CAME TO CHURCH THE NEXT DAY. I was seriously so excited.

We also had the opportunity to provide service for the Finks on Saturday. We helped them repaint their kitchen and dining room. I was in charge of painting the brick fireplace.

You guys, brick SUCKS to paint. Not even kidding. I had to do primer and paint, and those two coats were brutal. But I perservered! It only took 12 hours, but I did it!! Lets be honest, though, I still cant feel my arms. Haha.

Anyhoo, I’m running out of time, so I will end there for now.

Mormon Message of the week is Waiting on the Road to Damascus. Very interesting concept that I had never thought of before.

Pardon how gross I look in the pictures, that shirt was like 7 sizes too big, plus it was white. Also, you can see my sweet watch tan!! Haha.

Love ya!
x Sister Roberts x

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