Weird medical issues ensued…

Hola familia/other peeps :).

Its been a wild week! Well, I’ve had weirder, but still.

This week we had a great lesson with our 13 year old recent convert, Austin. We started teaching him in a more interactive way, and he couldn’t stop smiling the whole time! We did a Plan of Salvation scavenger hunt. And his grandpa made us his “world famous” pineapple angel food cake.

We also got to see Heather again, and she is reading the Bible SO FAST. It so cool how fast she reads. She’s reading the BoM and the Bible at the same time too, and she is still going faster than me. We told her that we can do service, so she has been having us cook her dinner for her every time we see her. Haha.

We also have been continuing to help the Finks with their painting. The paint on the ceiling started to peel, apparently because the paint underneath was oil based. So we are scraping it all off and starting over on the ceiling. Their poor parrot doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Which brings us to Friday. The weirdest day EVER. We took longer than usual to weekly plan, so we didn’t finish until about 4, and then we had to leave for dinner with the Vanstones. They are so awesome, they fed us twice in one week. Once on Labor Day and then Friday. She made these AMAZING chili chocolate brownies, to which I am now the proud owner of the recipe for :). We had a really good discussion about prayer, which is one of Brother V’s biggest hangups about getting baptized. It really was awesome.

Then we had to rush to the Boles for their lesson. It went really well, and we discovered that Bro. B doesn’t know really anything about Jesus, so we decided to teach him a few lessons about the life of Christ. Friday we started with his birth. It went really well, but I think he got a little bored because we read out of the scriptures a lot.

On the way home. I’m driving, and suddenly SOMETHING WAS IN MY EYE. I had to drive the 20 minutes home with my eye shut. It was seriously so bad. I took my contacts out when we got home, and tried rising it out with solution and everything, but it wouldn’t come out! Luckily, we have an optometrist in our ward, and she JUST HAPPENED to be in St. Clairsville even though she lives a half hour away, and she came over and had to flip my eyelid inside out and dig whatever it was out with tweezers. Still hurt. She said it would feel better in the morning. It didn’t. I woke up with my eye swollen and gooed shut. Panic ensued. So the past couple of days I haven’t been able to wear makeup or my contacts, which totally sucks, and I suck at eyedrops, and I have to put these really thick eyedrops in 3 times a day that burns really bad and makes my eye produce the wildest gunk… yeah.

I also had the grossest meal of my entire life, much less my mission. it was this steak that did NOT look like steak. It was grayish purple and old, and even though it was mostly cooked, it still had the texture of raw meat. Lets just say, my body still hates me for that one. It feels like its just sitting in my stomach, and my body refuses to acknowledge that it is there. Fun times in Ohio!! I feel so bad for the person who fed us that, it really wasn’t their fault, they just bought it like that. But I got to hold their lovebird!! I got pictures, but they are not available to the general public, as I am not wearing makeup or contacts. But it was so cool :).

Also, transfers are tomorrow! I will be staying here in Ohio, and I’ll be in a trio, double training Sister Nay and whoever my brand new greenie is. I’m so excited!!!

Mormon Message of the week is Waiting on the Road to Damascus. I may have already done that one, I’m having a hard time remembering which ones I’ve told yall to watch and which ones I haven’t. Haha.

Anyway, I love all of you so much, and hope you have had a brain meltingly amazing week!

x Sister Roberts x

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