This week has been totally wild!!! So much has changed/happened!! But I have to be short because I spent all my time talking to my mom and dad :).

First off, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has sent me a birthday package/letter!!! I really appreciate it!! I feel so special, and I truly love being a missionary on my birthday! Even though its on Wed. Haha.

So, I am in a trio now! AND double training, kind of. My new greenie is awesome! Her name is Sister Valikoula, and she is really nice/gangsta. My 2nd Tongan comp! I am 100% sure it is Heavenly Father being hilarious, putting her with the two whitest girls on the east coast. We had a blast decorating her desk with green stuff before she got here.

We also got 2 referrals, which NEVER HAPPENS and I was so excited I was dancing around with Sister Nay, and now I’m sure Sister V thinks her mom is nuts. We went and visited them pronto, and we now have 1 new investigator, and a kinda potential. She requested a missionary visit and was SO GOLDEN the first time we talked to her, but she talked to one of her Mormon friends who is less active and they told her they didn’t think the church was for her. Lets just say, she tried to drop us and I called her and encouraged her to find out for herself, and she said she would think about it. I was really frustrated and discouraged, but after a lot of prayer and trying to cheer up my companions, I felt that Heavenly Father loves her a ton, and her heart will be softened eventually, even if its not while I’m here.

But we did have a really great first lesson with the other one, and she is now a new investigator!! Soooo woooooo!!!! Happy Birthday to me from Heavenly Father!!!

Other than that, this week has been pretty normal. We had a good week number wise, and we had the opportunity to meet with our bishop and talk about our goals for this transfer.

I am so grateful to be a missionary, and I love the focus on member missionary work that has been going on here and also I’ve heard from a lot of you that your Stake Conferences have been centered around that as well!! It really is so cool to be a missionary right now, and to be in the middle of all of this change.

Mormon Message of the week… actually, I decided I would like for you guys to look up your favorite talk from last conference and watch that, in preparation for General Conference!!!

Also, remember one of my favorite scriptures! Alma 37:37

I love you guys, and miss you so much! Have a great week!
x Sister Roberts x






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