Mission Birthdays are the BEST!

Hey everyone!

Be prepared to be bombarded with pictures! This week was so awesome, it had to be photo documented :).

I don’t even know where to start!!

Prolly at the beginning. Okay.

So Monday, we went and taught our investigator Kurt whose wife and stepson are members. When I first got to this area about three and a half months ago, the first thing I ever taught him was the word of wisdom. He wasn’t too thrilled about the coffee and beer thing. He is way into the NFL, and his team is the Seattle Seahawks. Apparently he was incapable of even THINKING of watching a game without drinking beer. I challenged him to try one football game without drinking a beer and see how he felt, and then over the past months completely forgot about it. Well the season started, and on Monday he told me that he has gone TWO GAMES without drinking beer, and he liked it, so he is going to try the whole season without drinking beer!!!!!!!! OH MY FREAKING HECK!! And they rememered my birthday, and they know I hate fish, so they played a mean joke on me, and told me that they thought I needed to learn how to like fish, so they made it for our dinner. And I opened the pot and it was Swedish Fish and Goldfish (which are totally edible forms of fish :)). Oh my heck they scared me so bad haha.

And then Wednesday was my BIRTHDAY!!!! WOOOOOOOO!! I love mission birthdays. Oh my word. Somehow, everyone found out it was my birhtday (gee, I wonder who told them *cough Sister Nay cough*. The Crosbys made me brownies, and invited us over to teach a lesson so I could eat them on my birthday. Man, they are never going to be reactivated, but they sure love me and know how to make me feel special!! She made me a beautiful tree of life necklace out of garnets.

And then Wednesday night we went up to a different area to talk to the Young Women up there about serving missions. They are in our District Leader’s area, so when he called to get our weekly numbers yesterday he told us they went in to Young Women’s at church and asked how it went, and they LOVED us, and then he asked how many wanted to go on missions now and THEY ALL RAISED THEIR HANDS.

And then we taught our new investigator from last week the 2nd lesson, and she loved the Plan of Salvation, and will be coming to church from now on.

And then yesterday at church, Kurt came BY HIMSELF even though he was in a lot of pain, his wife and stepson were sick, and it was a football day. And, his one hangup since I started teaching him has been prayer, and he told us yesterday at church HE PRAYED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE. Let’s just say, there was one weepy sister and two befuddled sisters in the bathroom after that little announcement.

Guys. I love being a missionary. So much.

This week has been so great, and such a testimony building week for me. I especially know that obedience and prayer and fasting bring so many blessings. I know the scriptures are true. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that Jesus loves me, and God, and that they love you guys too, just as much as I love all of you.

Thank you for all of your prayers. And birthday wishes, oh my word I think the mailman must have thought I was a spoiled brat with all the packages and cards I got. You are all the best :).
x Sister Roberts x
















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