Spiders Suck


Man, this week was pretty good!!

Pretty much all of our appointments fell through this week again. We are almost done with our area book though, so that’s a bonus! And we have been having a ton of finding time too, even though it hasn’t really been effective. At least we aren’t sitting like bumps right?

We got to start teaching a new less active family though, and that went really well! I already love them so much, and they have so much potential. Their little boy is so cute, but… he found out that spiders make me react in amusing ways, and wouldn’t leave me alone with the fake rubber spider they have for Halloween. But, he’s only 8, so I forgive him. Haha :).

But, I did have a couple other spider encounters this week, and I seriously have been on edge since Wednesday because of it. I can’t handle it.

Encounter #1: The annoying brother like Wintersville Elders found a jumping spider in the parking lot after district meeting on Wednesday, and kept making it jump toward me. You would never guess they are both 24. This behavior continued until my saviour, Sister Nay, totally annihilated it stomp style. It was actually pretty funny, because the Elders looked EXACTLY like 5 year olds who had just gotten their toy taken away.

Encounter #2: We have to make calls on our porch because we don’t get cell reception in the apartment, so I stepped outside to call a less active, and there was a HUGE spider on the railing. I blew on it until it fell off down to the grass. Bleh. The only reason Sister Nay didn’t get it was because she was in the shower. She is my spider slayer.

Encounter #3: Yesterday, we were on the way home from watching General Conference and having dinner with our investigator. Its dark outside, and I looked to check my sideview mirror because I’m an awesome driver like that, and there is a freaking WOLF SPIDER on my window. I couldn’t tell if its on the inside or the outside, so I start freaking out, and put my hazard lights on and pull over and crawl into the backseat so Sister Nay can get it. But. It. Disappeared. We still didn’t know if it was on the inside or the outside, but no one wanted to get out of the car because its dark outside and we are in the middle of the woods, and Sister Valikoula has seen Jeepers Creepers way too many times. So we turned on the lights are probably look hilarious crawling around inside the car trying to check for the spider so I can drive with some peace of mind. Eventually, we are off again, and then I felt something crawling on my leg so I screamed and pulled over again and got out and had a little panic/get it off me dance in the middle of this gravel road in the middle of the woods in the dark. Totally normal. Don’t worry about it.

The good news is, I’m alive, I have not been eaten by a spider, and we have a new potential investigator!! We had just prayed about our two other investigators and decided to drop them, and then we get a new potential. Funny how that works out. I’m really excited, and I’ll let you guys know how our first lesson with him goes.

Also, there was a huge storm the other day and we got soaked in about 3 seconds. And my umbrella got flipped inside out. Hilarious picture attatched.

Conference. Was. AWESOME. Basically, I just really wish Conference would happen more often than just twice a year. We watched the Sunday Afternoon session with our one investigator that we didn’t drop, Kurt, and it was so cool, because it seemed like EVERY TALK WAS MEANT FOR HIM. He had a lot of great questions, and is progressing so well. He is like a 2nd dad(or I guess 3rd, I already have two dads, haha) for me while I’m out on my mission. He told me the other day I’m his favorite missionary that has ever taught him, and that he hopes I spend my whole mission here. I seriously cried for like half an hour over how awesome that was. AN EX MARINE LOVES ME LIKE A DAUGHTER!!! WOOO! AND HE’S GOING TO GET BAPTIZED!!!

Anyway, I better go. Mormon Message for the week is the newest one they made called Our Fun Family Vacation. I am soo hiking to a lake and having a blast with all my friends and family just like that when I get home.

I love all of you so much, and I’m thankful for the encouragement and support I receive from you guys every week :). Even if you don’t have time to email or write me, I totally feel it :). I love Conference, I love Thomas S. Monson, I love Kurt, I love Jesus, and I love missionary work. But I don’t love spiders.
x Sister Roberts x


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