First Lesson


I’m not gonna lie, this week is kind of a blur! I can’t even remember half of the stuff we did, other than it was freakin COLD. Its a bit warmer today than it was the past week though, so that’s good.

I’m pretty sad because Sister Nay is being transferred. I’m glad I got to spend two transfers with her, she is the best! It will be kind of a relief to be able to focus on training Sister Valikoula though. I love her too :). She is my daughter after all! This will be the first transfer of my whole mission I won’t be getting a new companion though! I’m pretty relieved. I kinda wanted to go to transfer meeting though so I could see some of my district from the MTC that I think might be getting transferred.

We had a couple of interesting experiences this week. I’ll share my two favorites with you :).

The first one happened Tuesday night. We had planned on teaching one of our less active families, the Davis family, but they cancelled on us (again), so we decided to do our backup plan and go visit a lonely widow that I love so much in our ward because it was her birthday. We made her a cake during our dinner break and had arranged a ride with a member (my best frand Sister Combe!) to go and visit her. WE were literally already in the car with Sister Combe to take the cake to her when we realized her address wasn’t on the ward list. So we called her and ruined the surprise and asked for her address. You guys, she lives so far out in the boonies she doesn’t even have an address. I didn’t even know that was possible! Welcome to Ohio. Plus she was going out to eat with her daughter for her birthday outside of the MISSION, so there went plan B. Keep in mind we are still awkwardly sitting in the car with a cake with member. So I have the brilliant idea to take it to a less active. I decided on lady who was mean to us last time we went due to a migraine, because mean people need a personal sized chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting too. She lives pretty far out there too, but at least she had an address, so off we went. And what an adventure it was! we got lost twice, laughed our heads off 3 different times over awkward u turn moments, and screamed our heads off when we almost died because we had to do like a 20 point turn in the middle of a gravel road in the middle of nowhere(According to the GPS we weren’t even on a road, we were just floating in the middle of space in our monster truck) and this jeep comes FLYING over the hill while we are on point 12 of our 20 point turn. We FINALLY found the less active lady’s house, and turns out she is mean without a migraine too. Plan C=failed, so we ate chocolate cake while we planned that night! It was just really funny/awkward/unproductive. But hey, we bonded with a ward member right? And made “contact” with a less active!

The second one is seriously the BEST first lesson I have had on my mission so far. That is saying something, because I have had some pretty amazing first lessons. A member, Brother Fink, is really awesome at member missionary work, as I believe I have mentioned before. He called us on Saturday and told us his best friend was in town, and he felt like he should introduce him to us. We just so happened to plan our day the night before PERFECTLY so we could go and meet him, and I am so thankful for the Spirit, because if Bro. Fink hadn’t had the impression to call us and we hadn’t felt the impression to plan our day the way we did the night before, I NEVER would have had that experience. We spent a few minutes chatting about him and his life. We asked him what he knew about the church and found that he had moved to Logan about 5 years ago and had quite a few Mormon friends that were working on him. He said he had some questions, and so we talked about how church meetings go and stuff like that. Sister Nay gave him a pamphlet about the Restoration, but I felt impressed to ask him if he would like us to teach him the first lesson then and there. He said absolutely, and the most spiritual, heartwarming lesson I have ever taught. He had been feeling lonely, lost, and confused, and was sick of the “hypocrites” in the religion he is currently in. He said that during the lesson was the most peaceful and happy he had been in five years, and when I shared Alma 22:21 with him he felt the Spirit so strong that he just started crying. He had me read it again, and then write down the reference for him. When we had to go, he thanked us over and over again and said he was going to contact the missionaries (he is a truck driver, so he is never in one place long enough to get the lessons in person from missionaries.) He came to church the next day as well and absolutely loved it. I love Heavenly Father so much, we had been praying so hard for new people to teach and he knew that even though Jeff wasn’t in our area so we can’t count him as a new investigator, we needed the humbling and powerful lesson that we had. I have never seen how strong the impact the gospel can have on people in person before. It has definitely renewed my determination as a missionary to find and teach as many as I can.

Mormon Message for the week is The Will of God.

Sorry I totally ended up rambling. Haha. I love all of you so much, and I pray for you always.

x Sister Roberts x

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