Good Times :)

Hi everybody!

This week has been so amazing!!! So many good things are happening for us here, and I’m loving every minute of it!

First we got to go teach a young boy whose family are members of the church but haven’t been active for years. They have been feeling kind of uncomfortable around us, so for our lesson we had a family home evening type thing and played silly games with them, and it was so fun! They loosened up a lot as well. We are excited to see them again tomorrow. When we were driving away, Sister Valikoula had to back me out of the driveway, and I scared her by starting to drive away when she was half in the car and yelling “JUMP IN SOMEONE IS COMING” and she dove in and whipped her head around to look behind us and whacked her giggling companion in the arm when she saw no one was there. Haha :). We laughed our heads off about it the whole way home.

Also, we got a random call from out of the blue from a less active that had moved out of the area 5 years before and recently moved back, and he wanted us to come teach his girlfriend and her 17 year old daughter and her best friend. I didn’t believe it at first because it was so out of the blue, I thought it was one of the members playing a prank on us! But nope, we went and taught the first lesson on Saturday and it was amazing!! We now have 3 new investigators, and they are all so excited and willing to learn! It was also really cool to see the less active (Scott) rekindle his own testimony as he helped us teach the lesson! They also told us that they wanted to feed us every night and I chuckled at that and had to tell them we couldn’t EVERY night, but maybe a couple. They sent us home with some homemade bread though, and it was SO good. And they have the cutest dogs, one is an ancient golden retriever and one is a 5 month old lab/rottweiler mix that reminds me so much of how Bella was when I first got her. Plus we had an awkward/hilarious moment trying to find their house, and we accidentally knocked on the Police Chief of St. Clairsville’s door!

I mentioned last week that transfers were last Tuesday and we lost Sister Nay and Elder Glover :(. District meeting the next day totally sucked, and the only reason I didn’t lose it was because Elder Almond would have made fun of me. It was seriously the most awkward District Meeting ever. Our new District Leader is kind of socially awkward, and so is one of the new Elders that is serving in my ward with me. He totally fell asleep in our Ward Council on Sunday and I wanted to throw my pen at him so bad. But the Bishop startled him by grabbing his arm and it was hilarious, so I’m glad I didn’t :).

Speaking of ward council, we have been having a great past couple of weeks with member involvement. Most of the time we have been here, the members haven’t really been all that into helping us. But we have been doing our best to serve them and get them excited for missionary work, and they really are getting more excited! It helps when you don’t just ask for referrals and make them feel guilty for not being better member missionaries, but telling them about the people you are teaching and giving a spiritual thought on the doctrine of Christ. We have an awesome week planned, and I hope to have a good report for you next week!

Its been freezing lately!! I’m totally fine with that though, because I’d rather be cold than hot. It actually snowed a little last week, but didn’t stick. I’ve been enjoying not being filthy hot walking around in the humidity all the time.

Anyway, I’ll quit rambling. Mormon Message for the week is one that my Dad made me think of from his email to me today. It’s called The Will of God. Also, its his birthday so wish him a happy birthday!!!

The pictures are our last District lunch together before Elder Glover and Sister Nay left, me and the little boy we are teaching wearing his Halloween helmets, and me and Sister Valikoula on a particularly cold day!

I love you guys so much, and I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is truly Christ’s church reestablished here on the earth by a modern day prophet, Joseph Smith, and that our prophet today, Thomas S. Monson, truly leads us by revelation from God. I love spreading the good news, and I hope you do too!!

x Sister Roberts xaly1









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