Give Thanks

Hullo all!!!

First off, congratulations to Aunt Kara! I heard you are expecting another baby!!!!!! I’m sad that I wont be home quite yet when he/she is born, but that is such great news!

This week has been pretty up and down.

We got to go on exchanges this week with our Sister Trainer Leaders, and that was pretty cool! Sister Valikoula had a blast in Pittsburgh, and I got to serve with Sister Plater, who is one of my favorite missionaries ever!! It was really weird, though, because it was the first time my whole mission I only had to do 2 hours of studies instead of three for either training or language study for Sister Nay. I’m not sure how I felt about that… haha.

I went tracting with Sister Plater, and we got some of the most interesting responses. It was snowing pretty hard, so I racked up the hot husband points! Sister Plater told me she didn’t have any good tracting stories… So I told her she obviously hadn’t tracted in my area before. I think the most awkward ones were “It’s too cold to learn about Jesus.” and “I am already a Christian, so let’s not talk anymore.” Whatever happened to “I’m not interested”??????

We had a lot of appointments fall through, and had to drop two of the less active families we were working with. It was very sad, but I have had to drop with faith a lot, and the Lord has always blessed us for using our time wisely with those that are progressing.

We got to have the best dinner of my whole mission with Kurt and his wife Christy this week. She made jalapeno popper stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon…. I seriously almost died, it was so good. I haven’t had jalapeno poppers in so long, and it made me miss home. Worth it, though!! Its so funny, whenever Christy eats something spicy it gives her the hiccups so bad!! I had never heard of that happening before! We had a laugh, she was hiccuping the whole time we were reading the Book of Mormon. They usually give us the leftovers in empty butter containers, so we had an amusing encounter at the table.

Sister Valikoula: *points to the butter* What’s in that?
Christy: …
Christy: Butter….?
Me:*dies laughing*

We also got to see Joe Burch in the nursing home this week. He had bought these ridiculous confections called “Smearfaces” and we had a blast eating those and taking pictures! Of course, right after we finish smearing our faces, Joe’s POA walks in…. awkward. Haha.

Leanna and Makayla are doing really well! I got to serve them by making them dinner after they had all had a pretty awful day on Tuesday. I made jalapeno poppers and my soon-to-be-famous breakfast burritos.We also watched The Testaments with them last night, and they loved it!! It was raining pretty hard, so we had to leave in a hurry so we wouldn’t be driving in the worst of it. I decided to be a jerk and make Sister Valikoula run after the car in the rain for about 20 yards after she backed me out of the driveway. Luckily, she has a good sense of humor and got in the car laughing her head off and wringing out her long, luxurious Polynesian hair onto my lap. Haha:). Who said missionaries can’t have fun???

Also, could someone please find out why Carl’s Jr. is called Hardee’s on the East Coast????

On a more serious note, I have been having a little bit of a rough week health wise. My body gets really achy when its cloudy, and I have bronchitis, so my lungs hurt and it hurts to breathe. Satan knows that I am weak when I am sick, so he bunched me in the gut with insomnia and homesickness too. And we had a lot of cancelled appointments. So that has been pretty terrible. I am so grateful for prayer though. I have been praying very fervently for strength and resilience this week, and luckily I haven’t had to hinder the work by staying in so far. I know that without prayer, I probably would have just curled up in a ball and gone home. But our Father in Heaven hears us, and he knows how much we can handle. So he blessed me with an amazing companion, amazing investigators, and very supportive, loving family and friends. I made it. Fist pump! Jesus loves us!!!

I know that this is the true church of God on the earth today. He reestablished it through a modern day prophet, just like he promised in the Bible in Amos 3:7. He is hastening his work, as made obvious by the number of missionaries increasing by 30,000 in one year, and the number of missionary work related talks the past two General Conferences and in the Hastening the Work broadcast. There have never been more prepared people on the earth at one time, and Heavenly Father just wants to make sure we know that. I promise the General Authorities will leave you alone if you make like Nike and Just Do It! I would encourage all of you to reread/rewatch M. Russell Ballard’s talk in lieu of a Mormon Message this week.

Give thanks for the gospel! Give thanks for your family! Give thanks for your food, clothes, and shelter! Give thanks for the Plan of Salvation! Give thanks for anything and everything, and you will be blessed :). As a servant of the Lord, I promise you that.

I love you all, and I hope you have an amazing week!

x Sister Roberts x

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