Welp, It’s Thanksgiving Folks


Guess what??? Its THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!! (soon)

Just thought I’d let you know in case you forgot.

We sisters have about a hundred people who have asked us to come see them, so we have a very FULL (haha) Thanksgiving ahead of us. We are helping to prepare the meal at one of the homes, so I’m excited for posterity’s sake, maybe my first Thanksgiving as the cook won’t turn into an epic fail and we have to go to Denny’s or whatever. We’ll see.

Last Monday we got to do FHE with our investigator Kurt and his wife. It is interesting the sides of people you discover when you play games with them… We had a blast playing this game called In A Pickle, where you make a story with all of these cards that you have. The cards you lay down have to be either bigger or smaller than the previous card, so you have to get creative. Kurt and Sister Valikoula took the creative part to heart… hilarity and confusion ensued. The things they said to get us to think a turkey was bigger than a dream!!!!! All Christy and I could do was shake our heads.

We had a sad event this week as well. A very well loved member of the ward passed away after a long battle with cancer, and we had the opportunity to attend his funeral. There were over 100 people there, and the words shared were so inspiring. It is now my morbid goal in life to have that many people love me enough to show up at my funeral.

At the funeral, a member who was speaking explained to the non members there why he was being buried in his temple clothes instead of a suit or something, and then POINTED US OUT TO EVERYONE THERE and told them if they wanted to learn more we were missionaries from his church. So…. that was awesome. Sister Valikoula turned so red, it was great.

This week we had a great discussion about opposition. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Opposition is important, but why???? So we can know the ups from the downs for one. If you were never sad, how would you appreciate when you were happy? How would you even know you wanted to be happy??? Another reason is to strengthen us. Yes, it is harder to have to fight through, but you turn out better than if its just handed to you right? Example, when you want your kids to learn something, you don’t always do it for them do you? I think we have all noticed the difference in how teenagers (myself included!) treat things they buy for themselves rather than things given to them. It’s the same with our testimonies. You treasure the things you work for, especially if its something Satan for dern sure doesn’t want you to have.

Anyway, I’ll quit rambling. Mormon Message for the week is In the Spirit of Thanksgiving (what a surprise!). I thouroughly enjoyed some fo the answers, and it has such a great message from Dallin H. Oaks as well (He even sings a bit from Fiddler on the Roof!!!!)

We took some pictures in the snow this week, though you can’t really tell its snowing in the pictures… And I gave Makayla one of the skirts I was sick of, and she stole my coat, so she looked like a mini me!

I love you all so much, and I am so thankful for alll of you. You don’t realize how lucky I am to have family and friends like you!!

x Sister Roberts x

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