Hilarity/Awkwardness/Spiritual Experiences Ensued…

Well hi!!

This week…. definitely a roller coaster. Only way to describe it.

Last Monday we had dinner with Leanna and Scott and their family for Makayla’s birthday. Probably one of the most hilarious experiences of my mission. Makayla’s brother Brandon made a rude comment, so she flung Manwich at him and completely and epically… missed. It went all over the sliding glass door. So Leanna, being a way cool mom, said something like: “If you’re going to make a mess, at least HIT him with it.” So Makayla waited for the opportune moment and flung again… this time nailed him right in the neck and it slid down his shirt. And guess who had to clean the door? Brandon. Muahhhhhahahahahahahaha. I also made her my Nutella cheesecake because birthday cake is overrated. And I knitted her a bracelet and totally misjudged the size of her wrist and ran into a little problem figuring out how to tie it on her… so I was like: “It’s a doorknob cozy…?” Awkward.


Being a Sister in the winter is decidedly awkward. We have layers. Like unto an onion… or an ogre. Don’t even ask me how long it takes just to pee because of all of the layers. I’m almost tempted to schedule time in our day to use the bathroom. For real.

Also, this week was Elder Coleman’s birthday! So in true missionary fashion, Sister Valikoula and I decided to get him the coolest gift ever. So of course we got him a sombrero. He wore it the whole way to Zone Conference, and I couldn’t see out my rearview the whole way. No big deal. Picture attached :).

On a different note… We got transfer calls on Saturday and Sister Valikoula and I will be staying together here in St. Clairsville for another transfer!!!!! Wooooo! If I leave after this transfer, I will have served here for 7 1/2 ish months!! It’s so awesome, I would serve here my whole mission if I could. Unfortunately, I will probably get transferred next transfer :(.

We taught the Leanna and Makayla and Co. the Law of Tithing on Saturday!! It went really well. The Spirit was definitely there as we testified of the power and blessings of giving back to the Lord. We were able to get a member there, and it was so inspired that we had that particular member there. So many blessing sprang from that particular lesson, and it is so cool to be able to witness the Lord working in their lives.

We also got to teach Kurt as well. It is so humbling to see how different he is now than he was when I got here. The gospel is true!!!!!!!!

I just want to make sure all of you know… This is God’s church re-established here on the earth by a modern day prophet. I have seen TOO MANY MIRACLES for this to not be true. You can’t make this stuff up. Our Father in Heaven loves each and every one of us so much that we can’t even comprehend it (see Elder Holland’s talk from this Conference). It makes sense that He would give us everything he can to ensure as many of his children as possible can make it back to live with Him someday.

Something else I have been thinking about is how much our testimonies be to us. Think about where you would be if you didn’t have your testimony. Think about what a treasure it is. Now I’m going to rub it in a little bit about how I GET TO HELP OTHERS FIND THEIR TESTIMONIES! But. You can too! The time is now to help others see how much the Savior and His gospel can help improve their lives, and how much happiness they are missing out on. I’m going to leave you a commitment… Ready? If you haven’t already, create a Mormon.org profile. It isn’t hard, just takes a few minutes, and it will help the missionaries in your area a ton, as well as hastening the Lord’s work in your area. I’m excited to hear from those of you who do it!!!

I am so excited for this Christmas season. It truly is the best time of year, and I a really looking forward to the Spirit that comes with this month. I hope you all have the best Christmas ever without me, even though I know it will be really hard. Haha ;).


Mormon Message is Wise Men Still Seek Him. One of my favorites!!

x Sister Roberts xImageImageImageImageImageImage

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