Joy to the World and stuff!!


How is everyone?? It’s almost Christmas!

This week has been pretty good! Not the best week ever, but pretty good!

We got to go on exchange on Tuesday, and that was super awesome! I got to serve in Pittsburgh for 24 hours, and it was GREAT! First time I’ve served anywhere other than Ohio for about 6 months! It was weird to be in Pennsylvania. But, we talked to a cool black guy and picked him up as a potential. So that was awesome.

We also went and visited 2 less active families that we haven’t been able to visit because of how far away they are, and they were so nice!!! Hopefully we will be able to start working with them from now on. Sister Sikole told me that there is an unusually high amount of radiation in St. George… don’t know if that’s true or not, but remind me not to live there! I do want to do the Subway hike someday still. Totally worth it.

We also had the chance to share a message with the Relief Society and Young Women for their joint Christmas activity. It was a Silent Christmas, so we watched a video about the Savior and the meaning of Christmas with no words, just pictures and typed words, and then we walked around and looked at about 50 Nativities and had the BEST hot chocolate ever. We then got to talk, and so we shared our message, and it turned out really well. I am actually starting to like it when people start to ask us to do things last minute, because you have to rely on the Spirit instead of your own pre thought out stuff.

The Elders came and blitzed our area with us, and it was 20 DEGREES PLUS HUMIDITY!!!! So heck yes we took pictures of us knocking on people’s doors in that weather! We got rebuked like 7 times for being out, and we also got to talk to a Jehovah’s Witness in a kilt. And the Elders beat us back to the car and hid in the back seat and SCARED THE SNOT OUT OF US. We screamed so loud that the people across the street came out. Fun times in Ohio!!!

This week we made a goal to tract 5 doors around everyone we visit. So after church yesterday, we decided to stop by a less active’s house that was on the way home. He wasn’t there, and it was about 16 degrees and I was SO tempted to just go home and not do our five doors. But after having an internal war for about 7 seconds, we decided to do our 5 doors anyway. First four, no one even answered, and the very last door, the lady was very interested in our message and we set an appointment to go back sometime this week! The Lord blesses you for your diligence and I am so grateful that we decided to tract anyway, even though it was cold and we weren’t wearing our SUPER warm gear because we had been at church.

I love this gospel so much, and I am so grateful for the prompting I received to pray about going on a mission (Over a year ago now!! Crazy!). It really is the best 18 MONTHS that everyone talks about :).

Mormon Message for the week is again not a Mormon Message, but a BIBLE VIDEO, which are the best things ever.

Quick shout out to my MTC peeps! I have no idea where in the heck in this mission any of you are any more, except Sister Hanseen and Sister Pau’u! Just remember I still love you! Haha :).

I love all of you!!!!


x Sister Roberts xDSCN1173[1] DSCN1174[1] DSCN1160[1] DSCN1162[1] DSCN1165[1] DSCN1157[1]

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