Since When is it December???

DSCN0961[1] DSCN1141[1]Hellooo all!!

First of all…. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, did it get ridiculously cold fast!!! I’m totally okay with it though, I’d rather be cold than hot!! But all the ice storms I could do without. Its nice to wear a coat though, because I get to have pockets again!!! A convenient place for chapstick, keys, and the Lord’s phone (which we only lose once a week now instead of every day!). The awkward life of a Sister.

Good news!!!!!! Makayla has agreed to be baptized on January 4th. I am sooooooo excited and proud of her for how far she has come since we started teaching her. I’m also really grateful for the knowledge that I have about how much the gospel will change her life for the better. I know for sure it gives us direction and assurance, as well as a peace that you can’t really find anywhere else.

We also got to have a really great ward activity on Saturday. We put together 25 backpacks for the homeless, and a news crew even showed up. THE MORMONS WERE ON TV!!! Haha. We had a great time putting all kinds of fun things as well as functional things in the packs for them. We also had a card making station, a pretzel dipping station, and a cookie decorating station. The day was an immense success!!

A very kind member donated a very old Christmas tree to us that we had fun decorating. Only half the lights work, and we had 5 ornaments, so we improvised and stuck pass along cards on it. We now have the coolest Mormon/Jesus tree in the mission, possibly the world. Don’t even pretend you aren’t jealous.

I hope everyone was able to watch the Christmas Devotional last night. It was the perfect way to end a busy Sunday, and we were able to watch it at a recently widowed member’s home and provide some company for her.

Not really a whole lot else went on this week. We had a lot of appointments cancelled due to icy roads and such, so we did a lot of tracting and finding. Can I just say I hope whoever invented fleece-lined tights is a billionaire now. They have no idea how many Sisters they have saved!

I was really excited to hear that my home ward in New Mexico now has Sisters!!!!! Yesssssssss :). Nothing more exciting that how fast the work is progressing due to the age change and the number of righteous young people that answered the call to serve!

I hope everyone is having a great time preparing for Christmas!!!! Don’t forget to pause each day to remember the significance of the holy event we celebrate this month, and don’t let yourself get wrapped up in worldly things. It is really cool to be a missionary at this time of year and share the true meaning of Christmas with those around us.

Anyway, I really enjoy being out here doing the Lord’s work in this Christmas season, and not only now but 24/7! I have deepened my knowledge and testimony of the Saviour and of the gospel, and I’m grateful for that. I really believe that if not for my mission, it could possibly have taken a lifetime to gain all of the knowledge that I know have and will continue to gain over the course of my mission. Almost halfway!!!!!

Mormon Message for the week is which isn’t technically a Mormon Message, but I love it so much that I watch it 7 thousand times every chance I get to do my time.

I love you all!!

x Sister Roberts x


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