A New Year, A New YOU!

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Hey everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I know I did! I got to Skype my family, and I’m mad because now that all my siblings are maturing they are all better looking than me…. Hopefully my winning personality makes up for it. Haha :).

The members took very good care of us!! We now have more fruit, candy, and lotion than we know what to do with.

On Christmas Eve, Brother Fink took us with him and his family to see the famous lights at Oglebay park in Wheeling. It is like unto “Christmas on the Pecos”, only you drive through instead of boat through. Even better, he took us on a posh PARTY BUS OH MY HECK. It was the coolest thing ever. I will never be inside a vehicle that fancy again in my whole life, half by choice, because let’s be honest, I would totally breaks something/ruin it, and half because if I had money I would not spend it on a party bus. Haha. He got to use it for free because he moonlights as a limo/party bus driver on the weekends. But it was a blast! We also had a Christmas Eve photoshoot in our Christmas Eve pajamas (thanks mom!) and with all of our presents from ward members and family. Don’t worry, its totally normal to have photoshoots as a missionary, ask Elder Coleman about his sombrero.

I also got to experience the wonderful thing that is Turducken. Yep, it’s a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken. And ours was also stuffed with shrimp jambalaya. A minor allergic reaction ensued, but my lips are now back to normal!!!! Woooo! But no more shrimp for Lyss.

I’ve been sick this week, so the past two days have been me sleeping and Sister Valikoula bouncing off the walls wondering what the heck she should do. Haha. What a trooper. Don’t really feel better today, but I am PRAYING I feel less like a zombie tomorrow so we can get back to work!!!

Thank you guys so much for praying for Leanna. She has for sure felt your prayers, and is hopefully now on the road to recovery. She is home from the hospital, but still in a lot of pain, so if you could continue to keep her and your family in your prayers it would be much appreciated.

We saw a ton of people this week that were in nursing homes and such, because a lot of them didn’t have family to come and visit them. That really was great, to be able to see their faces light up when they saw that someone was there to see THEM. We saw Joe, Hazel, Lois, and Yvonne. I have too many surrogate grandparents to count now…. I love them all so much :). That really did make my Christmas.

We also had the really cool experience of meeting our investigator Kurt’s parents. A member missionary before he is even a member! He brought them to church, and then he watched The Testaments with them as their FHE activity. It really was pretty cool to see him so excited to share what he has been learning about with his family.

It is also really cool to see the change that comes over our less active, Heather, every time we visit her now. She is only 37 but is now in a nursing home. She really doesn’t want to be there, so she is often down in the dumps when we show up. The cool part is watching the Spirit work on her while we are there. She starts out being moody and not really wanting to read, and by the time we leave she is smiling and we’ve read like 3 chapters because she didn’t want to stop. And she said she would color me a butterfly :). I’m so grateful that she allows the Spirit to work on her while we are there so she can see the blessings that come from studying her scriptures diligently.

We also found out today that our new Mission President and wife have been called! Their names are President and Sister Johnson, and they will be taking over July 1st, so I will only have about 3 or 4 months under them, but they sound great!

All in all, it has been a great week, and we hope to have equal amounts of awesome ooze from the coming week as well!!

Mormon Message for the week is Look Not Behind Thee. It is actually a really well done Mormon Message about change, which is very fitting for the new year :).

I love you all, and thank you so much for your cards and letters, they mean so much to me, especially when they have pictures :).

The church is true! Always remember that Jesus loves you, and so do I!

x Sister Roberts x

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