Happy Birthday Dear Jesus!

DSCN1026[1] DSCN1218[1] DSCN1214[1] DSCN1182[1] DSCN1180[1] DSCN1207[1] DSCN1200[1] DSCN1190[1]Merry Christmas all!!!!! I can’t believe it’s Christmas already! My mission is flying by way too fast! Only 10 months to go… Crazy.

This past week has been filled with tons of service and I can’t be more grateful for that. I love service, it is for sure one of my favorite parts of missionary work. I love seeing the light in the elderly eyes of those we serve as we listen to their advice and stories of the past, and we play games and just love them. I really have a testimony that Heavenly Father loves everyone more than we can comprehend, because he has allowed me to glimpse that love for total strangers as we have served this week.

We have also been able to provide service for overwhelmed ward members as well, and that has been a blessing as well. I feel so humbled by the testimonies of the members I serve with, especially how everyone has gained theirs in their own special way through their trials and hardships, triumphs and love of the Savior.

One of my favorite times of service this week has been helping Kurt’s wife Christy make like 200 cookies. I have the BEST Charlie’s Angels pose with her cookie gun thingie. It has an “official” name (like spritzer or something) but I really can’t remember what it was. Prepare yourselves, there are maybe 40 pictures on their way this week. But anyway, I love that night because I discovered that I love hummus, I actually like green peppers now (remember that time at George and Clara’s Daddy? I thought that would make you laugh) and Christy has the BEST testimony gained through some of the darkest trials you can even imagine. I admire her so much. I am rooting for Kurt to be baptized even MORE now, if that is even possible, because I NEED to be at their sealing. I think that day may be equally as amazing than my own sealing. We’ll have to see ;).

We also had the opportunity to work with the Elders Quorum President of our ward and also the Elders we serve with here to make about 300 cookies for the widows and elderly in our ward, as well as quite a few of our less actives. We had a blast, and it was really cool to see their faces when they got a plate full of honest to goodness home made (mostly… is a package mix cheating?) cookies. It was totally hilarious, Elder Gates, who weighs maybe 110 soaking wet, broke a chair. Elder Coleman and I seriously died laughing. I haven’t seen the movie “Shallow Hal” but Elder Coleman said there is a part in it that totally reminded him of that moment when skinny little Elder Gates broke the chair. something along the lines of “WHAT IS THAT CHAIR MADE OF?????”

I also have some very sad news… Our investigator Leanna is in the hospital, and I would really appreciate it if ya’ll would keep her in your prayers. She is in extreme amounts of pain 24/7, and she is on 7 different pain meds and 2 steroids, and nothing seems to be helping. She may need surgery, and will probably have to do some pretty extreme amounts of physical therapy when she gets out. Keep her and her family in your prayers. They are going to probably have to spend Christmas in the hospital.

I have to apologize, I have been a very special typer today, so I’m so sorry if there are like 7 thousand mistakes.

Anyway. I am so in love with missionary work, and I am so thankful for this opportunity, especially in this Christmas season. I really hope you guys are trying your best to keep Christ in your thoughts in this very busy time of year. I can’t express enough the difference the Savior has made in my life, and this is the time to celebrate the crap out of that man. He is the ONLY perfect man to ever walk the Earth. He is the perfect model for our lives, and He is our Redeemer, our Elder Brother, and one who loves us and everyone so perfectly that we can only feel an inkling of that love in the love we feel for our families and our friends. I sincerely hope that we can all take that into account as we celebrate his sacred, humble birth this week.

Christmas stuff for you to watch!!! Please cry as hard as I did, or else I will have no choice but to be embarrassed. http://www.mormonchannel.org/christmas-videos?v=2919740155001


I love you all, so much, and I have felt your love for me in your cards, letters, and pictures this past week, and I truly do appreciate it.


x Sister Roberts x

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