Crazy Weather!

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Hey everyone!!

This week has been totally wild! The temperature has been in the single digits, and with windchill has been in the negatives. Its made for some pretty miserable days for sure. I got bronchitis (again) and then the other two sisters got sick one right after the other too. We have tried to do splits and stuff so we could at least get some missionary work done, but the members have lives too!!

So it has been a pretty slow, miserable week, but somehow I am still super stoked to be here and doing this work. Its probably the Spirit or something ;). The time we had to spend inside just lit a fire inside me about how important it is for us to work even harder that ever this week and recognize the urgency of the message we share, for it truly is an urgent work!

Since we didn’t really get a ton of exciting things other than calls and stuff done this week, I’ll tell you more about my area :).

So we share the Lancaster, PA ward with a set of elders as well, and they are walking elders. A lot of my ward is Spanish speaking, so Elder Watts is Spanish speaking and Elder Howell is English speaking. Since they are Lancaster Walk and we are Lancaster Drive, we spend a lot of time with them giving them rides to dinner appointments, church, meetings, etc. Good thing I like them! Haha. Elder Watts is probably one of the coolest people I have ever met. He is super short, but HILARIOUS. He has this hilarious Mexican accent that he does all the time, and a British accent that just makes you picture a short fat British man in a tweed suit with a monacle. With a mustache. Haha. Elder Howell is very… into working out and stuff. And sports. And quoting Spongebob. Haha. He is endearingly annoying? Best way I can think of to put it. They are my nerd buddies, because my companions are very girly and sistery.

I love serving here so much!!! The ward members are awesome and loving, and are very good about coming out with us and making sure we are taken care of food wise. A sweet sister brought us like 200 dollars worth of groceries the other day because she heard us talking about how we were all out of money to buy food for January. It was very humbling, because now I will for sure be careful about what we talk about when members are around.

I have also been thinking a lot this week about how much I love the contrast between light and dark, and the analogy of how the gospel brings light and the adversary brings darkness. It is so interesting to me that when we feel sad or depressed, the feeling we have is often described as a dark feeling, and when we are happy and joyful, it is most often described as a feeling of light. I hope all of you will notice the feelings that you have this week, and try and discern whether your feelings are light or dark, and if they are dark, how can you more fully turn yourself toward the Savior? Bask in that light ya’ll!

I love you guys all so much, but I have to go and play this wild missionary game called Onka now 🙂

Mormon Message for the week is Patterns of Light: the Light of Christ by David A. Bednar. Love that man!

x Sister Roberts x

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