In PA once again!


Hulooooo all!

Man, so much has happened, I can’t even tell everything!

I am back in Pennsylvania! I’m actually back on the way east side of the mission, same as my first area only south of there. I’m in Lancaster! Here’s my new address:

126 Hitching Post Lane
Lancaster, PA 17602

I love it here so much!! I am in a trio again, and it is so awesome. I told Dad that this companionship is the biggest testimony builder to me that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing :).

Sister Stovall is just good for my soul. She is a feisty ginger from Loosiana and a self proclaimed hippie. She’s really into natural medicine and essential oils, and is a totally goof ball and FABULOUS missionary. She has made me laugh harder than I have in quite some time :).

Sister Baltazar was born and half raised in Peru, and then came to the States when she was 8 or 9, so she has a stinking cute accent since English is her 2nd language. She is from Connecticut. She is Spanish speaking, which is really good for this area. She has the funniest laugh, and is very compassionate. She is VERY focused on the work, and is an inspiration to me and a good example as well.

And the three of us together makes perfection. It’s perfect because when we go on splits Sister Stovall and I can go see English speaking people and Sister Baltazar and one of our ward missionaries that also speaks Spanish go see Spanish people and we get twice the work done. And we all balance each other out personality wise. And Sister Stovall’s voodoo oil stuff has actually been helping my TMJ a ton. Weird right?

Its been a whirlwind since I’ve been here…. Holy cow! The work is so different here that it was in Ohio, and that has been very interesting for me. I had some fears about that before I was transferred, but it has been very good for me and helping me be a better servant of the Lord.

We have been working hard, and I wish I had more time to tell you about the work we have been doing.

We have quite a few more investigators here than I am used to, but that is great! One of my favorites is Bill. He is this way southern old black guy (pardon my political incorrectness) that has studied religion most of his life. He knows the Bible really well, and it is so intriguing to see the Spirit work with him. The Spirit is constantly bringing Bible scriptures to his remembrance that back up everything that we are teaching him. He already has a small but strong testimony of the gospel, and is eager to learn more.

I love this work. So much. I love the people of Pennsylvania/Ohio/West Virginia so much, and I love you so much! Have fun looking at the pictures đŸ™‚

Mormon Message of the week is the newest one, Abide With Me. I think it is in my top 5 now :).

Remember that you are all children of God, and that we both love you!

x Sister Roberts x

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