Snow. Is. Still. Falling. Why??????

Herro all!

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In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a little over the snow. Its up to my knees in the flat areas, and the snow banks are up to my shoulders in some places. Da heck??? I’m ready for spring. But then its going to rain a lot, so I guess its time to invest in rain boots as well. And summer is too sticky hot. I love my mission, but I miss home weather. Good ol desert.

And I had to eat my cereal with a fork this morning.

This week has obviously been really snowy. It snowed every day last week except I think Friday. We were stuck inside Thursday morning, but otherwise the roads were okay to go out the other days.

We had two new people move into the area that we have begun working with. One of them is a less active from the Lititz ward. She is a super cool single adult that loves star wars and combat boots. We’ve met with her once so far, and she seems like she is very willing to start coming back to church and start following Christ with all of her heart.

The other person is Eric Vasquez, who moved here from Harrisburg. The Elders there have been working with him for a while, and he had to move here so he could find a job and live with his parents to help them out. He understands English very well, but understands Spanish much better, so its awesome that he moved here because we are a Spanish speaking area!! We teach him in English, but if he doesn’t get it Sister Baltazar explains in Spanish. He is a very good guy, 20 years old, from Puerto Rico. We went over the baptismal interview questions with him, and we feel very strongly that he could be baptized next month. Pray for him that he will feel the Spirit and get an answer from God about being baptized next month!!

We very sadly had to drop our investigator Bill this week. We showed him a talk by Elder Nelson on baptism and the gospel of Jesus Christ, and at the end he told us that he didn’t agree with what he said and pulled out his Bible and started warning us about following false prophets and how we didn’t know what we were talking about because we hadn’t studied religion as much as him, because he is 66, and the Spirit just left the lesson. It was very sad and it got very contentious on his part. It was very heartbreaking and traumatizing to not have the Spirit even for that short period of time. I am so grateful for the Spirit in my life, and the calming and peaceful influence that it has. Its so crazy that sometimes I feel like the Spirit is with me so much that I am a little desensitized to it, and it was a very good reminder not to take the Spirit for granted.

I also got an email from Makayla today, and she told me that she and Leanna are being baptized in two weeks!!!!!!!!!! They are all now following the Word of Wisdom, and Brandon is even considering being baptized soon. BEST. EMAIL. EVER.

And the Young Women heart attacked us this week!!!

Sorry, I feel like my thoughts are kinda psychotic and unorganized this week… Haha.

I love all of you so so so so so so so so much!!!

Mormon Message of the week is a little outdated now, but its Expressions of Love!!!!

Have fun this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

x Sister Roberts x

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