Finally some change in climate!


Hullo all!

I hope you all are having (or had, depending on when you read this) a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day!!! As for me, I took a nap. Haha.

This week has been great!! We received a referral from a less active last week, and we were finally able to go and see them last Monday. They are so great, and we are so excited that they accepted the invitation to take the lessons from us. They are a very sweet young family our less active referred to us because the mom has just discovered she has cancer, and our less active offered to have the missionaries come over and give her a blessing. We had a short lesson on the Priesthood and what it is and how it works, and then she received a blessing. Keep the Maldonado family in your prayers!!

We have also started to do service at the homeless shelter more as well. We’ve been there three times now, and I’ve loved every time we’ve gone. We met a really cool guy there, Anthony, who is a resident there, but he volunteers in the kitchen every day. We challenged him to a race cutting potatoes, and he smoked all of us by like 15 potatoes. He is really nice, and we kind of jokingly kind of seriously challenged him to come to church, and he actually showed up!! He said he loved it, and that he had a lot of questions for us when we saw him next. A member also mentioned to him that we teach lessons, so he asked us if we would teach him about our church. I’m so excited about that as well :). It was kind of awkward though, our lesson in Gospel Principles was on the law of chastity. Lol.

We were also referred to a hispanic center here in town as well that we can do service at. It is like a free clinic/senior center/food bank kind of thing specially for people that have immigrated here from Spanish speaking countries. It is such a blessing that we found this place, because now we have more opportunities to do service, and its Spanish speaking so Sister Hallsted and Sister Baltazar can speak Spanish. I’m a little worried because I do not speak Spanish, but I’m sure my comps will take good care of me 🙂

Anyway, I hope all of you have had a great week as well, and that all your dreams are coming true.

I can’t send any pictures this week because Elder Howell stole my camera last night in an effort to be as cool as Elder Weatherston and take a bunch of selfies on it. He will unfortunately never be as cool as Elder Weatherston, but hey, I get a lot of hopefully hilarious pictures out of it. Haha.

Mormon Message for the week is Come What May, and Love It.


x Sister Roberts x

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