Good Week!

Herro everyone!!!

Man this week was way busy!!!! It was so great!!!

We started out great last Monday!! We went to Jonathan and Yaritza’s house for family home evening, and it was great!! They are the couple we are teaching that are getting baptized at the end of this month. They have been investigating for 6 years!!! We are so excited to help them finally make the commitment. Its really going to be excellent, because they are getting married on Friday the 28th and baptized on Saturday the 29th!! And I got to pull out David’s Bridal Sister Roberts and give Yaritza advice on her dress and tell her the best way to get it steamed and altered. Oh man, I miss the wedding industry. We had a great lesson with them, plus I got to hang out with their 2 month old blue heeler puppy!!!!

We also got to be taste testers for the Young Women this week for their mutual activity, because we teach an ESL class that no one showed up for. Each age group made a different dessert, and we couldn’t know which one made which, and we had to choose our favorite!! The Laurels won with a delicious brownie peanut butter oreo concoction (Yeah, peanut butter always wins in my book :)). It was great to spend time with the Young Women, because they all come from part member families.

Funny story: Elder Swanson is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met. He and Elder Power were given this foul smelling dessert by someone this week, and they wanted to get rid of it, so they run over to Sister Baltazar, who is so precious and gullible, and shove it into her hands and run. As they run, Elder Swanson yells “EAT IT! IT WILL GIVE YOU GOOD DREAMS!!!” Oh man. I haven’t laughed that hard in so long. Sorry if you don’t think that’s funny. You had to be there?
We also got up at 5 am on Thursday to go do service at the local soup kitchen. I will revise my statement from “Jesus is the only one I get up before 9 a.m. for!” to “Jesus and homeless people are the only ones I will get up before 9 am for!” I love service so much. Each time we go to a nursing home or soup kitchen or someone’s house for service, I leave feeling like I am in fact fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. I kinda want to do a service mission now after this, actually. Yep.

We also had another great lesson with our less active Olga again this week!! She had a concern about prayer, so instead of teaching the Plan of Salvation like we planned, we ended up teaching her about prayer. And she came to church again this week, and stayed for all three hours for the first time!!!

And yesterday was just straight up the coolest day of the week.

First off, church was simply amazing. I love going to church so much. I can’t stop loving the fact that the church is the same everywhere, and there are so many people in this world that have the same beliefs as me, but all of our testimonies are different, and were gained in different ways.

We were then able to go do service for a nonmember widow of a very active member. Her husband died unexpectedly of brain cancer, and she is very young to be a widow, so we try and visit her frequently and just be good friends to her. We helped her clean all of the debris from the last ice/wind storm that went through out of her ginormous back yard. Her back yard is a beautiful acre of woods bordered by a river, and is my new dream back yard. I would love to throw tennis balls into the river for my dogs and have them run all the way across the huge yard to go jump in the river. I also got to use “loppers” for the first time (Pennsylvanian for huge garden shears or heavy duty stick cutters) and I got to chop lots of branches off of trees so they would fit  into garbage bags. That was super fun too :). Plus it was just so nice to be outside the one day the weather was above 40 degrees!!

After that we went to visit an active family with two less active YSA age kids. We have been asking them for a few weeks now if we could stop by and see them, it just never happened until yesterday. It was for sure the Spirit prompting us to get in with them, because it was a very amazing lesson/chat. I have such high hopes for that family!! We are hoping the 19 year old son will come play with us at the church today for pday.
And then, the best part of all… We got a flat tire on the way home last night and were stuck on the side of the road for an hour and a half in the 28 degree darkness!!! Luckily, a member that lived close by was able to come and rescue us!!! We got some good pictures of that mess. Haha.
Anyway! The church is just as true as ever, and I am so grateful for everyone’s prayers, emails, and letters!!

Pictures: Us at service, me in Elder Howell’s giant shoes, and Elder Howell wearing my glasses like a boss.
Mormon Message for the week is Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?

Love ya! Muah!

x Sister Roberts xDSCN1686[1] DSCN1680[1] DSCN1663[1]-1 DSCN1669[1] DSCN1667[1]

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