Warm? Or not.


So Mother Nature has been super mean this whole winter. It dumped snow from November to last week, and then it was warmish this week (if you call 41 degrees warm, which I do at this point), and now its supposed to snow another foot tomorrow and the next day. Womp.

But, since the week was warm, it was AWESOME missionary work wise. Not so awesome PA citizen wardrobe wise. I felt like I was on a nude beach (exaggeration, but ima missionary so it was kinda traumatic) because there was so much skin everywhere.

But we had some really amazing experiences this week!!

One of my favorites I think has to be when we went to see our investigator Jasmine. She went to another church last Sunday, and the first thing she said when we got to her house was that she liked the other church better. She has never even been to our church, so we were a smidge frustrated at that, but we were able to follow the spirit and testify of the Restoration to her, and her heart was softened 🙂

Another cool experience that we had was when we got to see out other investigator Chelsea! We had planned on teaching her a lesson, but we felt impressed to ask her if she needed us to help her with anything, so she asked us to help her make stuffed animals for charity that she was pretty stressed out about. I made a cute owl that she let me keep and also a kitty and a pig!! It was so fun, and we could definitely tell that she needed us to be her friends and not missionaries that day. She has been much more receptive to the lessons we teach her now, and I think its starting to hit her how important it is to have faith in Jesus Christ.

I wish I could write more, but I spent a lot of time writing individual people back today!!

I love you all so much, and I know that the work I am doing out here is the Lord’s work. I hope all of you someday have the opportunity to experience bringing someone the gospel that either has never had it before or has forgotten why it is important, because it is the best feeling in the WORLD. But, as Elder Eyring so eloquently put it, there is a danger in the word “someday”. So my Mormon Message for the week is Choose Ye This Day.

I love you all so much!!

Not sure if I’ll have time for pictures… We’ll see.


x Sister Roberts x

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